Monday, August 16, 2010

Drew Update!!

Drew had a doctor's appointment today! It was his 6 month check-up - a little late but I like this one doctor and waited until I could get an appointment with him. Drew did GREAT!!! The doctor is quite impressed with his alertness and inquisitive looks! He was also impressed with his size! He now weighs 18 lbs. 2 oz. But that is actually in the 50th percentile! So he is completely NORMAL!!! He is 26 inches long - that's in the 25th percentile - so he is SHORT! But Andy isn't worried - he thinks he'll grow up nice and tall! Time will tell!

He isn't quite sitting up on his own. Andy made a comment the other day that trying to sit Drew up was like posing Jell-O! I thought that was pretty funny - and accurate! But the Dr. says he is close to getting there and will likely be cruising before we know it!
Drew made it through the vegetables carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas. He isn't really fond of green beans! He shudders when he eats them - it's pretty funny to watch. He started bananas this week and LOVES them! He is really enjoying food! The kids are really excited he's eating food and can't wait until he can try some real food. Daniel has been funny wondering what baby food tastes like - I let him try the bananas - he liked them! But he says he'll stick to the real thing.
Life continues to be busy - full of appointments and other commitments. I really can't wait until we can settle into a normal routine. September really can't get here fast enough! Though the kids aren't terribly excited about full days of school. I think we just need to get into a routine and then we'll all be a bit happier. Life seems scattered and out of control - but we are getting through it and will really appreciate the calm that fall/ winter brings!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's DONE!!!

Tonight was the big Reading Rocks Party!!!WHEW!!!! It was CRAZY!!!! I think I am getting OLD!!! The party went well - it just seemed to be A LOT more active and busy than I remember! We had A LOT of help - for which I am extremely grateful for! I don't think we would have been able to pull of the party as well as we did without the help of Clover Hill Baptist Church. This group has been AMAZING! They helped me pack 55 bags full of school supplies yesterday.... and did various jobs - such as serving dinner.....checking to make sure each kid had the right school supplies.....and playing with kids on the playground - throughout the entire party - and it was HOT!!! But each of them has such a servants spirit and are really here to work! It has been great!!

We had plenty of school supplies thanks to many hands who hunted and gathered them for me!Special thanks to Pat Folk, Louise Dotterrerr, Doris Heim, Martha Metz, and Lois Schultz! These woman were incredible at finding the deals! Back in May Aunt Louise and Aunt Doris each went to their local Wal-Marts and found $9 backpacks for $1!!! Needless to say - they snagged all they could and we have plenty for next year too! That was a HUGE load off of me as that is the one thing that costs the most and I have to hunt around for! It was such a blessing not to have to lug Drew all over creation to find backpacks for the kids!!! Thank you so much!! The other ladies went to Staples and Wal-Mart and got other much needed school supplies. I really only made two shopping trips this year because we were so well stocked from last year. God knew we would be having a baby this year and I wouldn't have the time - or energy! - to put into the shopping aspect of things. He is so good to me! Thank you ladies for your hard work and love for the kids we work with!

I think the kids had a great time! They seemed pleased with all they got which included: 1 backpack, 5 folders, 2 packs of loose-leaf paper, 2 spiral-bound notebooks, 2 composition books, Crayola broad tip markers, Crayola fine tip markers, Crayola pencils, Crayola crayons (24 pk), 2 glue sticks, 1 white glue, 1 ruler, 1 pencil sharpener, 2 packs of pencils, 1 pack of pencil top erasers, 1 pair of scissors, 1 pack of index cards, 2 pink erasers, and 1 pencil box! Each kid earned it! They worked hard and did well. I think it was our best year yet!

On a personal note - Daniel earned top points earner with a helper! He can't read yet so he needed help. A volunteer would read the story to him, ask him the questions, and then write his answers down for him. He did well! Sarah also earned an overall Fruit of the Spirit Award for Great Focus! She also did well. Matt was too old to participate but volunteered. He did well in stepping out of his comfort zone and worked with little kids reading books to them and helping them answer the questions. Even though he has younger siblings - he doesn't enjoy working with young kids. But I'm proud of the fact that he tried it this summer and found that God can use him even when he isn't comfortable with the task! Drew just hung around with Daddy looking cute most days!
Whew - it's done! I can now relax - right? Probably not! But at least my biggest ministry commitment is done for the year. Now to work on next year!