Thursday, March 25, 2010


Where has the time gone! I can't believe Drew is two months old today! It is just flying! He is getting a bit more of a personality and is definitely not happy just doing nothing anymore - he wants to be up and looking around and interacting with people. He is holding his head up pretty well and is staying up for longer stretches of time. I love his little sounds that he is making and the flash smiles I get every now and then.I love his dark eyes and his cute little feet (the only thing little about him!) I love how he holds the collar of my shirt when he is nursing. I love how he responds to all his siblings - with a big toothless grin! He is amazing and I am so in love! Isn't he just wonderful?!?!
I thank God for him everyday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have a great life!

I so do! I have four amazing children - complete miracles in my eyes. I have a great husband who was even willing to spend 24 hours outside a Chick-fil-a to earn 52 free #1 combo meals because he knows it's my favorite eatery! I have a wonderful church family who takes a special interest in my kids and me! I work with a great bunch of people who really care for one another and are joyful in our joys and sorrow with our sadness! I have a beautiful house that is safer than it was 17 months ago - and definitely more beautiful due to the hard work of my incredibly talented husband! There are many days when I don't take the time to think on these things and instead think on all that is going wrong and lose my focus on what is really important. I am trying to turn that around. I know it won't always be easy - there are times when my four miracles drive me INSANE and I don't think they are miracles at that point! There are times when my wonderful husband isn't so wonderful in my eyes and he drives me INSANE! But I also know that at times I am INSANE according to my husband and children! But I serve an awesome God who is going to help me in this area of my life and continue the good work He began so many years ago!

Here are a couple of pictures of two of my miracels - these two really are true miracles as both of their births were complicated and only here because of God's faithfulness. I really need to start taking more pictures of the older two so I can post them as well!
My chunky monkey! He's getting so big!

I love his hair! It is the perfect shape up! And his eyelashes are really coming in nicely!

(Blogger is giving me a hard time tonight about photos - I'm tired! I'll put more up tomorrow!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Crazy Husband!

Yes, he is crazy - but I guess that is what makes him such a great youth pastor, father, and husband. He is, at this very moment, in line with 99 other people awaiting the opening of our new Chick-fil-a restaurant! Chick-fil-a always has a grand opening party and the first 100 customers get 52 Chick-fil-a sandwich combo meal vouchers! The only requirements are that you need to stay at the store for 24 hours and be one of the first 100! So Andy ventured over at 5:30 this morning and has been there all day! We went over to visit with him twice, a bit after lunch and at dinner. We will see him in the morning. I so would have joined him if I didn't have a 6 week old baby and it wasn't going to dip into the low 40's tonight. The kids would have had a blast! Maybe another time! But here are some photos of the tent city set up in Kensington!
We are very excited for this Chick-fil-a to open. The owner, Oscar, is a dedicated Christian and has really linked up with our church by hiring more than 20 of our members! It is such an answer to prayer for many of the families in our neighborhood as jobs are scarce. Please pray for Oscar and the many members of our church that are working here. Pray that the relationship would stand strong and that God would be honored in it all!

My growing boy!

This is the outfit Drew wore to come home from the hospital. It is a Carter's size 3 month! It says the weight goes up to 12.5 pounds. Today is the LAST day he will wear this outfit and I just about had to S-Q-E-E-Z-E him into it! He has definitely grown in the last 6 weeks! You can see in the photo the zipper just about popping! I went to the Carter's store in Franklin Mills a few weeks ago and they had the same outfit in size 12 month on clearance ($3.99) so I got it in hopes he will be able to wear it next winter. His growing has to slow down eventually - right?

Monday, March 8, 2010

6 Weeks!

There is something about 6 weeks. It seems as if he has always been here. But at the same time just arrived! We are starting to figure each other out - like I know when he is grunting and groaning after a feeding he is going to fill a diaper! I also know his little tired cry and then there is his whaling scream letting me know that he is hungry and wants to be fed NOW!!! He is starting to smile a little in recognition of a face - especially his own! He loves laying on the baby gym and looking in the mirror. He still cries a bunch and isn't sleeping during the day too much but we are getting into a bit of a routine. He eats about every three hours during the day and goes for 4 1/2 -5 hour stretches at night. His left clavicle is completely healed and he uses his left arm the same as his right. In fact you would never know there was ever anything wrong with his left arm. God is so good! (Matt took the photos of me and Drew!)Right now I am feeling miserable. I have a sinus thing going and would love to just sleep - but Drew hasn't been very cooperative and Andy has been busy with God Squad things. Poor Daniel is feeling a bit under the weather as well - though it hasn't slowed him down any! Andy was sweet and ran to Target to get me some Dr. approved Sudafed PE and I am hoping it will kick in soon. I am hoping that Drew will not get sick and that he will stay perfectly healthy!
My baby burrito!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some cuteness!

Here are a few photos I've taken this week of my big five week old boy! It is funny how he is starting to become more alert to those around him and is sleeping for longer stretches of time. He is getting more pleasant and not crying as much as the previous weeks. He is a sweetheart and we are all still quite taken with him!
This was really funny - I caught Daniel playing with the baby gym with Drew! He was talking up a storm into the mirror!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Art Auction

The auctioneer!
In Kids Club the leader, Trish, challenged the 7-10 year olds to bring in money to help the kids that have been effected by the earthquake in Haiti. Sarah has taken this challenge to heart and has been trying to figure out ways to earn money to help her team - the 9 and 10 year olds - raise the most money. For Valentine's Day she opened up a designer card shop and Andy and I purchased our cards for each other from her! They were quite good!
Some of the art work!
A picture with the artist!
A few weeks ago she, Daniel, and Matt could be found in the school room creating art. She created signs that stated there would be an art auction. The first two weeks is was to happen things came up and we had to turn the huge crowd away :-)!!! Well, this past Sunday, Andy's parents called and surprised us by coming down. Sarah was excited to have a couple extra people to auction her, Matthew's and Daniel's art! It was fun! The competition was steep! Some of the pieces went for more than $1!!!! All three kids had fun and were quite proud of the work they had done. I am proud that my girl is thinking of ways to help kids she hasn't even met find a better life and help them out of the devestation they now face.

Part of the auction crowd!!