Friday, September 28, 2007

33 days down!

As of today we have 33 days of school completed. These last five have been the toughest I remember in a long while. But we are beginning to see a slight turn. Matt at least kept at his work today, though there were still several moments where he dug his heals in and refused to do anything. Andy and I have realized we can't make him do anything, but we can help him realize there are consequences to his behavior. As a result of his not getting his work for the week completed he missed out on family movie night. He had to do school while we watched a movie. He was upset at first, but after talking with him and helping him to realize he made unwise decisions leading to this point, he handled it pretty well. There is hope!

I am currently reading this terrible book (terrible, because it is so convicting!). It is called "Sacred Parenting" by Gary Thomas. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to read and am always looking for an idea to help me through this journey of parenting. So I picked up this book, hoping it would give me something. It has, but not what I wanted to hear (or read)! Thomas' basic premise is that God gives us children to bring us in closer realtionship to Himself. God gives us the children that will help us learn the spiritual lessons He desires us to learn. All I can say is I must have a lot of lessons to learn!!! One being, to be on my knees and praying for all my children. Another is that it is sometimes painful to learn the greatest lessons. This week has been painful, but I am learning everyday that God is in control of my son and I am here to guide him along the right path. Please pray with us as we continue to raise our kids for Him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Kids Club started up again last night after a six week break. Though it doesn't really feel like we had a break when you think about all that occurred during those six weeks - a missions trip, staff meetings, camping trip, PBU ministry day, Elders meetings, etc. Yes, we had vacation, but now it is all a blur!
Andy said clubs went really well last night. He had about 30 kids - a great improvement over the summer. He is excited because he has helpers! It seems that we have recruited another PBU student, a girl. That's good new because we have a lot of guy leaders. Now Andy may be able to do some small group stuff throughout the coming months. Andy really wants to focus on Preteens this year to build the group back up in numbers and really develop a core group to enter into Teen Club. It makes God Squad and Teen Club that much easier when you have a core group who is really on fire for the Lord. We are hoping to develop our dream of having different preteens into our home for game nights and other activities in the next couple of months. Please pray for the details that this involves, for me that I would be open and not stress, and for the kids to adjust to this change in their schedules.

Matt is beginning to handle his punishment pretty well. To me it almost seems he is relieved to be rid of his things. It is like a burden has been lifted and he doesn't need to worry about "things". He still wants them, but I think as we put things back we are going to significantly reduce his belongings. I am also doing this with my things - Matt and I have decided to do it together - so that we reduce our stress and can live a more simple life. We'll see how well it goes!
With Matt's permission I took photos of his room and he said I could post them on the blog. It is really amazing how empty his room looks! It echos! I think we will paint and put Daniel in before he starts to get anything back! It will look like a new room!

Andy is enjoying Matt's empty room because our room is full of his things! I am going to have to find a different holding place. Our room literally has towers of Lego's and other things - there is hardly enough room to move! Please continue to pray for Matt and us as we continue to raise a Godly young man.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to Reality

Well, today didn't go so well. It was a shock to our systems to be back home, start school work and have Andy go back to work. It was a pretty awful school day. Matt completely lost it. He often let's anger get the best of him and ends up saying and doing things that he regrets. It is on days like this that Andy gets a phone call to come and get the boy and do school up at church - totally alone. As a result he often comes home in a better frame of mind and is more cooperative. It's days like this I really hate homeschooling and would be very tempted to put them in school. But I look at the fact that I get the privilege to shape their character and teach them things they would never learn in school - I am blessed. I have to keep focusing that this is a blessing - not a curse!

As a result of his behavior, however, we removed all his things from his bedroom. Andy and I have been discussing ways that we can really impact Matt's heart as we have been continuing to see a decline in his attitude. He's ten and we believe the temper tantrums and angry outbursts need to be under control. Matt values his belongings. We are hoping that by earning his belongings back he will also be learning new behavior patterns and, more importantly, new heart attitudes. Please pray for us as we walk through these murky waters! God has given us a precious gift in our son, he is incredibly smart, and thinks circles around us at times. Pray, that with God's help, we can reach his heart and mind. An encouraging note is that he handled the removal pretty well. He got a little teary eyed, but didn't throw himself into a tizzy. That's hopeful!

Kids Club starts up tomorrow night and I won't be attending. I'm a little disappointed, but Andy and I have also decided that Matt needs to stay home from all extra activities until we start seeing real changes. It will be hard, but hopefully, this will help grow the compassionate, loving young man we know is in him. Pray for Andy as he begins his evening activities again, for safety, energy, and the ability to balance life.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Best Day

Today was finally the day we wished our entire vacation had been! It was beautiful weather, no wind, and in the 80's! We had a super day. We started by heading out to Corolla Lighthouse. I really like this brick made lighthouse. It has 214 steps and is made of more than 1 million bricks! It is about 158 feet to the look out. Matt, Sarah, Daniel and I decided to climb to the top. I love climbing, but Daniel quit climbing about 1/4 of the way up - so I carried him the rest of the way! Lugging 30 extra pounds was quite a workout! I should find a local lighthouse and do it everyday! It is a beautiful view of both the bay and the ocean. Daniel had no fear and waved to Daddy like crazy while I held tight to his other hand. We walked around and looked at all the views. Andy has been complaining that there are no photos of me on this blog and people are going to think I really wasn't on this vacation - so here is a photo of the kids and I at the top of the lighthouse! There really is water in the background - it just didn't show up in the photo.
After the lighthouse we stopped at some shops up in that area. My mom LOVED these shops! The kids loved them because the shop people were smart and put in a playground! Daniel thought the slide and swings were great. At one of the shops Sarah and I purchased matching necklaces. She was so excited! We also bought matching t-shirts that she would like us to wear to Kids' Club this week. We'll have to see what the weather is like back home.

After shopping we headed home and hit the beach. We thought we were just going to walk - but ended up getting soaked up to our thighs! I should have just put the kids in there swim suits, but it had started to cloud over again and I thought the water may have gotten chillier. I was wrong! The kids had a great time splashing around.

Daniel was again fascinated by the crabs. Today we caught a Daddy crab - it was so much bigger than the all the others we had seen so far!

Daniel loved looking in the bucket of crabs we had caught!After the beach we all jumped into the pool. It was the first I had been in all week. The wind was just too chilly for me - I know - I'm a wimp! It felt good today. Daniel has become a little dare devil. He now jumps into the water and goes under up to his forehead! It is quite amazing! I have to start looking into the YMCA membership and get him into swimming lessons while he still has no fear of the water!

We ended our day by ordering pizza for dinner and packing up to head home. We will only be going half way - stopping in Pocomoke City, MD. They are supposed to have a NASA Space/ Air Museum near there somewhere. Matt will be excited. I think I am ready to get home and continue "normal" life. I think the kids are, too. Though I think Daniel thinks we have moved and this is his new home! It will be interesting to see what his reaction is to being back home!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rainy Day

All week it has been threatening to rain - well, today it made good on that threat! It has rained all day. First thing, Matt decided to build a pillow fort for Daniel. He LOVED it! They played in it for about 30 minutes! Matt has been really good with Daniel this week. My mom and I decided to go shop at some of the small shops up the street. The kids decided to play their Wii and the new game that they received, "Tamagotchi". They were beyond thrilled with the new game! It was good for a rainy day.
This afternoon, after Daniel's nap, we decided to venture out into the light drizzle to the beach. There are tons of little crabs that the kids love to hunt and hold. They must hate rainy days as well because they were hard to find today. We did manage to capture a few, though. The kids then chased the waves back and forth - some managed to get both Matt and Sarah. Matt had a narrow escape when he fell while running away from a wave - the wave only missed soaking him by about an inch! He was laughing so hard! As were we all!
It wasn't a terrible rainy day, but I think we are all starting to get ready to head home and resume "normal" life. When we get home all the clubs start up again - it will be a crazy week and one of full immersion into the fall routine. I am not sure we are at all ready for that! I'll keep praying!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dunes and Flight

It continues to be windy, but we ventured out to the dunes (Jockey's Ridge) anyway. It wasn't as enjoyable as it was last year. The wind was really whipping the sand around, stinging our legs and sometimes getting into our eyes. The kids had a great time running down the huge mounds of sand and Daniel had a blast in the "world's largest sandbox"! He kept running away from us, often waiting until we were a step ahead of him and then darting in the opposite direction. He loved rolling around and throwing himself down. He even attempted to run down the dunes with his brother and sister. We had a good time despite the wind. We then headed over to Kitty Hawk and finally made it up to see the monument on the hill. It is a neat little park. Matt and Andy tried to run the distance of the fourth flight in 59 seconds because that is how long it took Orville Wright to fly that distance. They didn't make it! It was close though. We also made it into the NASA part of the museum, but it really wasn't as spectacular as we had hoped, oh well! We had a good time roaming around and goofing around.
We got home around 2:00 pm and put Daniel down for a nap and I decided to lay down too! It felt so good to take a 1 1/2 hour nap! Matt and Sarah played, while Andy dozed as well. After nap time the kids went into the pool - yet again! The pool temperature jumped up to 88 degrees and they were loving it! I finally got some pictures of them enjoying the pool. It's hard to believe vacation is almost over. Only three more days and we have to leave - why does vacation seem to always go so much faster than real life? I am, however, starting to get the "ready feeling" for school. We will have a long stretch of school before a vacation day. I am starting to pray about attitudes even as I type - both mine and the kids!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day - we just hung around the house. It was pretty cloudy and windy again today. Matt and Sarah went in the pool, but weren't in very long. The pool temperature dipped down to 81 degrees and the wind felt really chilly. They had fun play card games and the Wii we brought with us. Sarah and I played "Cooking Mama" and decided we weren't very good cooks! We also played "Mario Party 8" for a while. Then Matt and I played "Mario Party 8". It was really funny because some of the game require that you cooperate with each other to win the game. Matt and I are both "strong-willed" and it really required patience and cooperation. We laughed like crazy! My parents also laughed as we tried to complete each level. It was a lot of fun!

We are hoping the weather will get better soon. We are planning on visiting the Dunes and Kitty Hawk tomorrow. Daniel was a riot last year on the dunes and I am anxious to see what antics he performs this year! Could be interesting! Matt is excited about visiting Kitty Hawk as we didn't really get to see the whole thing last year - he wants to see the NASA part of the museum. He dreams of orbiting the earth and exploring the stars some day! I hope he does!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Day Trip to the Aquarium

It was cool again today and more windy than yesterday so we decided to go to the North Carolina Aquarium. This is a great aquarium for kids because almost everything is at kid level. The best part was we got in for free with our Philadelphia Zoo Membership! I thought maybe our membership to the Adventure Aquarium, NJ would get us in, but it was the zoo - weird! We walked around there four about an hour and a half - it's a small aquarium. Even though it is small they have some neat exhibits, like an octopus that plays with swim rings in it's tank! They also have this great lion fish that Daniel just flipped over!

Sarah was finally able to ask the question of what those little black "purses" are that we always find on the sand at the beach. The gentleman told her that they are often referred to as "mermaid purses" but they are really skate egg sacks. After the skate hatches the purses are light and often wash up onto the beach. Here curiosity was finally satisfied!Matt braved touching a sea urchin. He would never do it before. So I touched one and told him how it felt and then he tried. He really liked it! He even spiked his hair later tonight to look like a sea urchin! He is so funny!After the aquarium we came home and Matt and Sarah immediately jumped into the pool. I really think they are part fish - especially since the air was so cool today - with a wicked breeze. But the temp of the pool is still 87 degrees, so I guess it was warmer in the water than anywhere else! Daniel took a nap and I was able to start my second book. I had been reading a book called "Quaker Summer" for weeks - it was a hard one to get through - not my favorite. But it did end well. It finally got good at page 302 - out of 336 pages! It is not one I recommend. I am now reading "Before I Wake" by Dee Henderson. I am so excited - she is one of my favorite authors! I am going to go down now and read for a few hours while Andy and PopPop watch the Eagles game.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So Relaxing!

Today was such a great day! All we did was relax! We hung around this gorgeous house and enjoyed all the amenities it has to offer. The day itself was a bit chilly - 70 degrees partly cloudy and windy, but that didn't stop the kids from going into the heated pool. The pool temperature is 87 degrees! They were probably in there for about four hours this afternoon. This morning the kids played pool and air hockey with PopPop and Daddy while mom and I went grocery shopping. I was able to read this afternoon while Daniel took his nap.

My mom and I took a walk down to the beach and enjoyed the view of the crashing waves. We hope it warms up a bit this week to enjoy the beach. The ocean is actually at 76 degrees - warmer than the air. Maybe we'll get there tomorrow if the weather is sunny.

Daniel has been a riot in this house. He loves running all around the spacious area - especially on the decks! He is definitely going to be getting cabin fever when we go home! Here is a picture of him trying to escape - again! It's a good thing this house has great locks!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

We're Here!

We left Philly at 5:30 am on Friday, September 14th - yes, extremely early! But we made it to Williamsburg, VA by about 1:30 pm. We made a couple of stops along the way - including a stop at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel gift shop. My parents love to travel across this tunnel. A lot of people fish there since it's in the middle of the bay. While Daniel and I were out walking along the boardwalk a man had caught a fish and we stopped to see his catch - it was this horrid looking creature! We have no idea what kind of fish it was but I would hate to meet up with it - do you see those teeth!We LOVE Williamsburg. It is such a great little town. We stayed in a great hotel - Four Points Sheraton. Matt and Sarah enjoyed the pool while Daniel and PopPop took naps and my mom and I went shopping! We then met together and went to Colonial Williamsburg to walk around. Like I said we all really LOVE this town. It is so much fun to see how life used to be. We then headed back to our hotel suite - two bedrooms and a sitting/ kitchen area - very cool! We got the kids ready for bed and I laid down with them to settle them - and I woke up at 2:30 am!!! I then went back to sleep until 7:00 am! I can't remember the last time I was in bed by 9:30 pm!!!!

We woke up today and headed over to Jamestown, VA. They are currently celebrating their 400th anniversary. May 13, 1607 was the arrival and establishment of the first Jamestown settlement. I was so looking forward to visiting and I have to say I was a little disappointed. There were so few period people - people dressed in the clothing to ask questions of and gather information. I think I counted six in the entire settlement! The kids had a good time running around and looking at things. Tomorrow we are writing a small paper about Jamestown and possibly comparing Plymouth Plantation to the Jamestown Settlement since we have visited both in a matter of four months!The above picture is of Matt and Sarah playing a game the Powhatan Indian kids used to play - throwing a corn cob with a feather attached through a ring. It's a lot harder than it looks! The feather throws off the cob and the wind twists the rings around. They had fun! Daniel enjoyed trying on one of the helmets! Matt also enjoyed digging out a canoe - they burn the wood and then scrape the charred wood out to form their canoe. Jamestown canoes are all made by visitors! They have people that visit take part in carving out the canoe. I thought that was a cool idea!
After spending about four hours at Jamestown we drove to the beautiful Outer Banks. We are here in the most beautiful house I have ever seen! The kids love it because there is a heated pool and a great basement full of games, pool table, TV, etc. I love it because there is this cute little reading room with windows all around and a wonderful view of the ocean, plus decks all around the house with hammocks and rockers! I can't wait to read tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I should have....

....just bagged school for today. None of us are really into it today. Andy was given great seats for the Phillies Game tonight and the kids are out of their mind excited. There is a fourth ticket that I could use, but I hate sitting at baseball games - especially if they go into extra innings! It is pure torture for me! I would rather be at home doing things - like getting ready for our vacation this Friday. I am also in a house cleaning mode - going through all the old papers, paying bills, shredding things like crazy, organizing books, washing, cleaning bedrooms, etc. I would so rather be doing those things than sitting and teaching! So, we got through what we had to do - math, reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, penmanship, and geography. We skipped history today - we'll be getting a lot of living history as we visit Williamsburg, VA, Jamestown, VA and Roanoke Island, NC this coming week. Matt and Sarah are going to have to write small reports on each place we visit so I can put it in their portfolios.

I am getting used to my baby looking like a boy. It is really funny to look at him with that short hair and see a completely different child, though he is still the same rambunctious kid. He is also sweet. One of my favorite things he has been doing lately is coming over to me, blanket in hand, and saying "I hold you?". Isn't that sweet! I really love this phrase of his. I know one day he will get the phrase correct - "Hold me!" - but until then, I let him hold me! I have to keep remembering these sweet moments when he is being a little monster - like this morning. He just would not let anything be - the cat, his brother and sister, things he isn't supposed to touch. He was really testing me! I couldn't wait until nap time! When he was finished with his nap, he walked out of the room and told me "I sleep!". He seems a little better now - not so crazy. I need to start roomtime with him - I am a little behind in implementing this concept. Matt and Sarah were already doing 30 minutes of roomtime at his age. After we come back from NC I plan to be implementing several major changes, such as putting Daniel in a bed, moving the crib out of Sarah's room, a major new chore/ work schedule, and a new discipline strategy as all three kids are in need of new standards and I am in need of more consistency. There are several things we see in each child's character that we would like to "work on". One of the things Andy and I will be working on during vacation are these new plans. Please pray for wisdom and clarity of thought as we try to work out what is best for our children and family.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Before and After

Today my baby became a boy....

This was him yesterday.....
This is my boy today....

Christy (below), my mom's wonderful hairdresser, has given all my children their first haircuts. Daniel was the worst by far. He refused to sit in the chair unless I sat down with him. Then we had to fight him on putting on the cape. Finally a small bag of Swedish fish persuaded him to sit on my lap with a cape and cooperate. I was unable to video tape the event or even get any photos as I went by myself. Oh well! Andy loves the new style - I am missing my baby. But it was time as everyone was starting to call him a her! It was inevitable, but I really hate it that they have to grow up! Such is life!

Monday, September 10, 2007

At the Beach!!!

We are home again after five gorgeous days in Ocean City, NJ. This was the best vacation ever!!! We started out with having Andy's parents join us. It was great to see Dad and Mom in the water with the kids! I think they both had a great time - and really enjoyed seeing their son on his actual birthday - a rare occurrence. Then we had my folks join us. They, too, had a great time with the kids and were able to relax and enjoy the ocean. It was fun to be able to share our vacation with both sets of grands.

The water was so incredibly warm that even I got in up to my neck - and I really hate the ocean! But my children love it and so I went in! They even taught me how to boogie board! They got a real kick out of that! It was so much fun just having fun with Matt and Sarah. I almost made it without getting any sunburn - until today. I ran out of the brand I really like and works - Aveeno. I had to settle for the Target brand - but it definitely doesn't work as well. I am a bit red tonight - but not hurting. I will be going out tomorrow to buy more Aveeno for our trip to the Outer Banks this coming weekend.
Below you will find several pictures that will show what an incredible time we had as a family. The Lord really blessed us!Matt and Sarah really enjoyed learning how to skim board. They both practiced like crazy. They are excited to go to the Outer Bank to try out their new found skills.
Daniel was a nut and LOVED the beach as well as the rides on the boardwalk. Every time we had to leave either, he cried!!! He was so great and is totally exhausted as he got much less sleep than he is used to getting! I definitely have three beach babies - I am sorely out numbered and fear that our vacations will be to the beach for a very long time! I guess I had better buy stock in Aveeno Sunscreen!

We had a great time. I didn't get as much reading done as I would have liked - it seems every time I sat down to read the sleepies took over! I did get a lot of rest, which is something I was in desperate need of! I even went to bed at 10 pm last night! Almost unheard of for me unless I am sick! I am hoping to change my ways as far as going to bed late. My new goal is to go to bed by 11 pm and wake up at 6 am. We'll see how it goes! Right now I have to get a ton of laundry done by Thursday!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

We're off.....

We will be leaving in a few minutes - probably more like a half hour - but we are off on our first vacation of the month! We are all so excited! There is probably no internet connection so I'll tell all about our trip when we get home! Please pray for safety and that we would have a great time as a family.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Big Boy!!!

Warning!!! If you are offended by baby potty milestones - do not read this blog!!!

Several weeks ago, in the tub, Daniel figured out that something comes out of his private area. He was quite fascinated and for the last few weeks he has been testing his new found skill in the tub, but could never convince him to sit on the potty. Well, tonight he asked to sit on the potty!!! YEAH!! He was so proud of himself!!! Could it be that he may be ready to put on the big boy pants?!?! Probably not - but at least he is interested. He then got hold of the toilet paper and just about unravelled the entire roll! Oh well!

Today was an alright day of school. I felt miserable when I got up. I feel better now, as sometime this afternoon things finally broke up in my sinus' and I can breathe! Sarah got up early and immediately started in on her work. She constantly amazes me! She was done long before Matt. For some reason, Matt likes to go SLOW! I try to prod him along, give him incentives, praise him, threaten him! But nothing seems to light his fire. So, I have to just let him go and learn that his actions have consequences. Right now, any school work that is not completed before we go to the beach on Thursday, gets done at the beach house. It's all up to him! Pray for him, that he would start taking charge of his work and that I would be the teacher he needs me to be!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Day of Peace

Today was a pretty quiet day - I love these days. I am not feeling well (sinus trouble) and so need calm days when that is the case. We got up and went to Sunday School and Matt received a medal for completing his Discipleship Class. He had to take a test and everything! I LOVE his Sunday School teacher - Miss Denise. She is so amazing. She works full time and volunteers for all kinds of things at the church, including the 4th-5th grade Sunday School - which has mostly Pastor Kids - you know what trouble they are!!! It can be a brutal group! But she loves them and teaches them the most amazing things! He learned a lot through this class, my prayer is that it is not only head knowledge, but will become heart knowledge as well.
After Sunday School Daniel and I came home. He was falling asleep during worship and I was feeling miserable. I came home, fed him lunch and put him down for his nap. I probably should have taken a nap as well, but I know if I sleep during the day it will hard to go to sleep at night. So I cleaned my kitchen, we are having a terrible problem with ants, and cleaned the living room from most of the stuff we brought home from being gone a week. I still have a few loads of laundry to complete, but it will get done by Wednesday.

Tonight we had fun just hanging, playing the Wii. My mom got this for Matt and Sarah as their birthday present this year. It is a lot of fun! We laugh and giggle at each other for the silly things we do. We really like the Sports program - my favorites are golf and bowling! We are saving up for two more remotes - they are pretty expensive. Then all four of us can play at the same time. While we were playing Daniel was running around like a goof with a swimmy diaper on his head - a little trick his daddy taught him! He is just too funny!
Tomorrow is a school day for us and I am not sure how much we will get done as I am sure our street will have a block party - meaning lots of loud music. We will do the best we can and catch up on another day whatever we don't finish.


Well, for a few days anyway!!! This is the month of travel - which is both good and bad. Many of you know I am a homebody - I just love being at home, but I know the rest of my family loves to move - so I have to go with the flow. I enjoy the trips, just hate getting ready for them!!!! Thursday, September 6, is Andy's 39th birthday!! We will be heading off to Ocean City, NJ to celebrate! I hate the beach - I burn terribly - but the kids LOVE it and I can't wait to see how Daniel will react this year. Last year he was a maniac and we couldn't keep him away from the water. It will be nice to be away as a family and just relax to the sound of the ocean!

We had a great few days in the country with Andy's parents. They are so great for letting us crash their house for days at a time! We are a rowdy bunch and they just take it all in stride! I was finally able to get out to their barn - we store lots of stuff their - and PURGE!!!! I am a purger - I love getting rid of stuff. My only problem is I often get more stuff. This is something I am really trying to stop doing. Anyway, my mom has blessed us abundantly with clothing - our running joke is that she thinks we have twins of every kid! I had been storing the kids clothes in the barn for years, thinking we would have more children and could reuse the clothing. God has seen to bless us differently. So, I went through all the clothing, picked out my favorites of the boy stuff for future use with Daniel and got rid of all the rest!!! I gave most of it to my close friend Donna who God has blessed with six children!! She was so excited - which made me so excited! I have struggled in the past with whether or not to sell the clothing to make money for other things. Hence, the keeping of the clothing. But God has just been laying on my heart the fact that I have been blessed so abundantly by 1) not having to buy the clothes in the first place and 2) that He will continue to supply all our needs. He is such a great and awesome God!!!!

We are home for four days, three of which we will be doing school. The kids will be doing school on Labor Day! We have the past few years, so for them it's not really a holiday - they will be thankful come May when we are all done and Philly kids still have almost two months of school. They don't actually start school until September 10th! I don't understand how they get all their days in. It seems they always have off. I'll have to get a school calendar and see how it all works.