Saturday, September 15, 2007

We're Here!

We left Philly at 5:30 am on Friday, September 14th - yes, extremely early! But we made it to Williamsburg, VA by about 1:30 pm. We made a couple of stops along the way - including a stop at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel gift shop. My parents love to travel across this tunnel. A lot of people fish there since it's in the middle of the bay. While Daniel and I were out walking along the boardwalk a man had caught a fish and we stopped to see his catch - it was this horrid looking creature! We have no idea what kind of fish it was but I would hate to meet up with it - do you see those teeth!We LOVE Williamsburg. It is such a great little town. We stayed in a great hotel - Four Points Sheraton. Matt and Sarah enjoyed the pool while Daniel and PopPop took naps and my mom and I went shopping! We then met together and went to Colonial Williamsburg to walk around. Like I said we all really LOVE this town. It is so much fun to see how life used to be. We then headed back to our hotel suite - two bedrooms and a sitting/ kitchen area - very cool! We got the kids ready for bed and I laid down with them to settle them - and I woke up at 2:30 am!!! I then went back to sleep until 7:00 am! I can't remember the last time I was in bed by 9:30 pm!!!!

We woke up today and headed over to Jamestown, VA. They are currently celebrating their 400th anniversary. May 13, 1607 was the arrival and establishment of the first Jamestown settlement. I was so looking forward to visiting and I have to say I was a little disappointed. There were so few period people - people dressed in the clothing to ask questions of and gather information. I think I counted six in the entire settlement! The kids had a good time running around and looking at things. Tomorrow we are writing a small paper about Jamestown and possibly comparing Plymouth Plantation to the Jamestown Settlement since we have visited both in a matter of four months!The above picture is of Matt and Sarah playing a game the Powhatan Indian kids used to play - throwing a corn cob with a feather attached through a ring. It's a lot harder than it looks! The feather throws off the cob and the wind twists the rings around. They had fun! Daniel enjoyed trying on one of the helmets! Matt also enjoyed digging out a canoe - they burn the wood and then scrape the charred wood out to form their canoe. Jamestown canoes are all made by visitors! They have people that visit take part in carving out the canoe. I thought that was a cool idea!
After spending about four hours at Jamestown we drove to the beautiful Outer Banks. We are here in the most beautiful house I have ever seen! The kids love it because there is a heated pool and a great basement full of games, pool table, TV, etc. I love it because there is this cute little reading room with windows all around and a wonderful view of the ocean, plus decks all around the house with hammocks and rockers! I can't wait to read tomorrow!

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