Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to Reality

Well, today didn't go so well. It was a shock to our systems to be back home, start school work and have Andy go back to work. It was a pretty awful school day. Matt completely lost it. He often let's anger get the best of him and ends up saying and doing things that he regrets. It is on days like this that Andy gets a phone call to come and get the boy and do school up at church - totally alone. As a result he often comes home in a better frame of mind and is more cooperative. It's days like this I really hate homeschooling and would be very tempted to put them in school. But I look at the fact that I get the privilege to shape their character and teach them things they would never learn in school - I am blessed. I have to keep focusing that this is a blessing - not a curse!

As a result of his behavior, however, we removed all his things from his bedroom. Andy and I have been discussing ways that we can really impact Matt's heart as we have been continuing to see a decline in his attitude. He's ten and we believe the temper tantrums and angry outbursts need to be under control. Matt values his belongings. We are hoping that by earning his belongings back he will also be learning new behavior patterns and, more importantly, new heart attitudes. Please pray for us as we walk through these murky waters! God has given us a precious gift in our son, he is incredibly smart, and thinks circles around us at times. Pray, that with God's help, we can reach his heart and mind. An encouraging note is that he handled the removal pretty well. He got a little teary eyed, but didn't throw himself into a tizzy. That's hopeful!

Kids Club starts up tomorrow night and I won't be attending. I'm a little disappointed, but Andy and I have also decided that Matt needs to stay home from all extra activities until we start seeing real changes. It will be hard, but hopefully, this will help grow the compassionate, loving young man we know is in him. Pray for Andy as he begins his evening activities again, for safety, energy, and the ability to balance life.

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