Friday, September 28, 2007

33 days down!

As of today we have 33 days of school completed. These last five have been the toughest I remember in a long while. But we are beginning to see a slight turn. Matt at least kept at his work today, though there were still several moments where he dug his heals in and refused to do anything. Andy and I have realized we can't make him do anything, but we can help him realize there are consequences to his behavior. As a result of his not getting his work for the week completed he missed out on family movie night. He had to do school while we watched a movie. He was upset at first, but after talking with him and helping him to realize he made unwise decisions leading to this point, he handled it pretty well. There is hope!

I am currently reading this terrible book (terrible, because it is so convicting!). It is called "Sacred Parenting" by Gary Thomas. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to read and am always looking for an idea to help me through this journey of parenting. So I picked up this book, hoping it would give me something. It has, but not what I wanted to hear (or read)! Thomas' basic premise is that God gives us children to bring us in closer realtionship to Himself. God gives us the children that will help us learn the spiritual lessons He desires us to learn. All I can say is I must have a lot of lessons to learn!!! One being, to be on my knees and praying for all my children. Another is that it is sometimes painful to learn the greatest lessons. This week has been painful, but I am learning everyday that God is in control of my son and I am here to guide him along the right path. Please pray with us as we continue to raise our kids for Him.

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