Monday, September 10, 2007

At the Beach!!!

We are home again after five gorgeous days in Ocean City, NJ. This was the best vacation ever!!! We started out with having Andy's parents join us. It was great to see Dad and Mom in the water with the kids! I think they both had a great time - and really enjoyed seeing their son on his actual birthday - a rare occurrence. Then we had my folks join us. They, too, had a great time with the kids and were able to relax and enjoy the ocean. It was fun to be able to share our vacation with both sets of grands.

The water was so incredibly warm that even I got in up to my neck - and I really hate the ocean! But my children love it and so I went in! They even taught me how to boogie board! They got a real kick out of that! It was so much fun just having fun with Matt and Sarah. I almost made it without getting any sunburn - until today. I ran out of the brand I really like and works - Aveeno. I had to settle for the Target brand - but it definitely doesn't work as well. I am a bit red tonight - but not hurting. I will be going out tomorrow to buy more Aveeno for our trip to the Outer Banks this coming weekend.
Below you will find several pictures that will show what an incredible time we had as a family. The Lord really blessed us!Matt and Sarah really enjoyed learning how to skim board. They both practiced like crazy. They are excited to go to the Outer Bank to try out their new found skills.
Daniel was a nut and LOVED the beach as well as the rides on the boardwalk. Every time we had to leave either, he cried!!! He was so great and is totally exhausted as he got much less sleep than he is used to getting! I definitely have three beach babies - I am sorely out numbered and fear that our vacations will be to the beach for a very long time! I guess I had better buy stock in Aveeno Sunscreen!

We had a great time. I didn't get as much reading done as I would have liked - it seems every time I sat down to read the sleepies took over! I did get a lot of rest, which is something I was in desperate need of! I even went to bed at 10 pm last night! Almost unheard of for me unless I am sick! I am hoping to change my ways as far as going to bed late. My new goal is to go to bed by 11 pm and wake up at 6 am. We'll see how it goes! Right now I have to get a ton of laundry done by Thursday!

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