Sunday, September 16, 2007

So Relaxing!

Today was such a great day! All we did was relax! We hung around this gorgeous house and enjoyed all the amenities it has to offer. The day itself was a bit chilly - 70 degrees partly cloudy and windy, but that didn't stop the kids from going into the heated pool. The pool temperature is 87 degrees! They were probably in there for about four hours this afternoon. This morning the kids played pool and air hockey with PopPop and Daddy while mom and I went grocery shopping. I was able to read this afternoon while Daniel took his nap.

My mom and I took a walk down to the beach and enjoyed the view of the crashing waves. We hope it warms up a bit this week to enjoy the beach. The ocean is actually at 76 degrees - warmer than the air. Maybe we'll get there tomorrow if the weather is sunny.

Daniel has been a riot in this house. He loves running all around the spacious area - especially on the decks! He is definitely going to be getting cabin fever when we go home! Here is a picture of him trying to escape - again! It's a good thing this house has great locks!

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