Friday, September 21, 2007

The Best Day

Today was finally the day we wished our entire vacation had been! It was beautiful weather, no wind, and in the 80's! We had a super day. We started by heading out to Corolla Lighthouse. I really like this brick made lighthouse. It has 214 steps and is made of more than 1 million bricks! It is about 158 feet to the look out. Matt, Sarah, Daniel and I decided to climb to the top. I love climbing, but Daniel quit climbing about 1/4 of the way up - so I carried him the rest of the way! Lugging 30 extra pounds was quite a workout! I should find a local lighthouse and do it everyday! It is a beautiful view of both the bay and the ocean. Daniel had no fear and waved to Daddy like crazy while I held tight to his other hand. We walked around and looked at all the views. Andy has been complaining that there are no photos of me on this blog and people are going to think I really wasn't on this vacation - so here is a photo of the kids and I at the top of the lighthouse! There really is water in the background - it just didn't show up in the photo.
After the lighthouse we stopped at some shops up in that area. My mom LOVED these shops! The kids loved them because the shop people were smart and put in a playground! Daniel thought the slide and swings were great. At one of the shops Sarah and I purchased matching necklaces. She was so excited! We also bought matching t-shirts that she would like us to wear to Kids' Club this week. We'll have to see what the weather is like back home.

After shopping we headed home and hit the beach. We thought we were just going to walk - but ended up getting soaked up to our thighs! I should have just put the kids in there swim suits, but it had started to cloud over again and I thought the water may have gotten chillier. I was wrong! The kids had a great time splashing around.

Daniel was again fascinated by the crabs. Today we caught a Daddy crab - it was so much bigger than the all the others we had seen so far!

Daniel loved looking in the bucket of crabs we had caught!After the beach we all jumped into the pool. It was the first I had been in all week. The wind was just too chilly for me - I know - I'm a wimp! It felt good today. Daniel has become a little dare devil. He now jumps into the water and goes under up to his forehead! It is quite amazing! I have to start looking into the YMCA membership and get him into swimming lessons while he still has no fear of the water!

We ended our day by ordering pizza for dinner and packing up to head home. We will only be going half way - stopping in Pocomoke City, MD. They are supposed to have a NASA Space/ Air Museum near there somewhere. Matt will be excited. I think I am ready to get home and continue "normal" life. I think the kids are, too. Though I think Daniel thinks we have moved and this is his new home! It will be interesting to see what his reaction is to being back home!

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