Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Kids Club started up again last night after a six week break. Though it doesn't really feel like we had a break when you think about all that occurred during those six weeks - a missions trip, staff meetings, camping trip, PBU ministry day, Elders meetings, etc. Yes, we had vacation, but now it is all a blur!
Andy said clubs went really well last night. He had about 30 kids - a great improvement over the summer. He is excited because he has helpers! It seems that we have recruited another PBU student, a girl. That's good new because we have a lot of guy leaders. Now Andy may be able to do some small group stuff throughout the coming months. Andy really wants to focus on Preteens this year to build the group back up in numbers and really develop a core group to enter into Teen Club. It makes God Squad and Teen Club that much easier when you have a core group who is really on fire for the Lord. We are hoping to develop our dream of having different preteens into our home for game nights and other activities in the next couple of months. Please pray for the details that this involves, for me that I would be open and not stress, and for the kids to adjust to this change in their schedules.

Matt is beginning to handle his punishment pretty well. To me it almost seems he is relieved to be rid of his things. It is like a burden has been lifted and he doesn't need to worry about "things". He still wants them, but I think as we put things back we are going to significantly reduce his belongings. I am also doing this with my things - Matt and I have decided to do it together - so that we reduce our stress and can live a more simple life. We'll see how well it goes!
With Matt's permission I took photos of his room and he said I could post them on the blog. It is really amazing how empty his room looks! It echos! I think we will paint and put Daniel in before he starts to get anything back! It will look like a new room!

Andy is enjoying Matt's empty room because our room is full of his things! I am going to have to find a different holding place. Our room literally has towers of Lego's and other things - there is hardly enough room to move! Please continue to pray for Matt and us as we continue to raise a Godly young man.

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