Monday, September 17, 2007

A Day Trip to the Aquarium

It was cool again today and more windy than yesterday so we decided to go to the North Carolina Aquarium. This is a great aquarium for kids because almost everything is at kid level. The best part was we got in for free with our Philadelphia Zoo Membership! I thought maybe our membership to the Adventure Aquarium, NJ would get us in, but it was the zoo - weird! We walked around there four about an hour and a half - it's a small aquarium. Even though it is small they have some neat exhibits, like an octopus that plays with swim rings in it's tank! They also have this great lion fish that Daniel just flipped over!

Sarah was finally able to ask the question of what those little black "purses" are that we always find on the sand at the beach. The gentleman told her that they are often referred to as "mermaid purses" but they are really skate egg sacks. After the skate hatches the purses are light and often wash up onto the beach. Here curiosity was finally satisfied!Matt braved touching a sea urchin. He would never do it before. So I touched one and told him how it felt and then he tried. He really liked it! He even spiked his hair later tonight to look like a sea urchin! He is so funny!After the aquarium we came home and Matt and Sarah immediately jumped into the pool. I really think they are part fish - especially since the air was so cool today - with a wicked breeze. But the temp of the pool is still 87 degrees, so I guess it was warmer in the water than anywhere else! Daniel took a nap and I was able to start my second book. I had been reading a book called "Quaker Summer" for weeks - it was a hard one to get through - not my favorite. But it did end well. It finally got good at page 302 - out of 336 pages! It is not one I recommend. I am now reading "Before I Wake" by Dee Henderson. I am so excited - she is one of my favorite authors! I am going to go down now and read for a few hours while Andy and PopPop watch the Eagles game.

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