Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rainy Day

All week it has been threatening to rain - well, today it made good on that threat! It has rained all day. First thing, Matt decided to build a pillow fort for Daniel. He LOVED it! They played in it for about 30 minutes! Matt has been really good with Daniel this week. My mom and I decided to go shop at some of the small shops up the street. The kids decided to play their Wii and the new game that they received, "Tamagotchi". They were beyond thrilled with the new game! It was good for a rainy day.
This afternoon, after Daniel's nap, we decided to venture out into the light drizzle to the beach. There are tons of little crabs that the kids love to hunt and hold. They must hate rainy days as well because they were hard to find today. We did manage to capture a few, though. The kids then chased the waves back and forth - some managed to get both Matt and Sarah. Matt had a narrow escape when he fell while running away from a wave - the wave only missed soaking him by about an inch! He was laughing so hard! As were we all!
It wasn't a terrible rainy day, but I think we are all starting to get ready to head home and resume "normal" life. When we get home all the clubs start up again - it will be a crazy week and one of full immersion into the fall routine. I am not sure we are at all ready for that! I'll keep praying!

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carisahinson said...

Well, I'm sure ready for you to come home! I miss you all! I have enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing your pics!