Monday, September 3, 2007

Big Boy!!!

Warning!!! If you are offended by baby potty milestones - do not read this blog!!!

Several weeks ago, in the tub, Daniel figured out that something comes out of his private area. He was quite fascinated and for the last few weeks he has been testing his new found skill in the tub, but could never convince him to sit on the potty. Well, tonight he asked to sit on the potty!!! YEAH!! He was so proud of himself!!! Could it be that he may be ready to put on the big boy pants?!?! Probably not - but at least he is interested. He then got hold of the toilet paper and just about unravelled the entire roll! Oh well!

Today was an alright day of school. I felt miserable when I got up. I feel better now, as sometime this afternoon things finally broke up in my sinus' and I can breathe! Sarah got up early and immediately started in on her work. She constantly amazes me! She was done long before Matt. For some reason, Matt likes to go SLOW! I try to prod him along, give him incentives, praise him, threaten him! But nothing seems to light his fire. So, I have to just let him go and learn that his actions have consequences. Right now, any school work that is not completed before we go to the beach on Thursday, gets done at the beach house. It's all up to him! Pray for him, that he would start taking charge of his work and that I would be the teacher he needs me to be!

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