Sunday, September 2, 2007


Well, for a few days anyway!!! This is the month of travel - which is both good and bad. Many of you know I am a homebody - I just love being at home, but I know the rest of my family loves to move - so I have to go with the flow. I enjoy the trips, just hate getting ready for them!!!! Thursday, September 6, is Andy's 39th birthday!! We will be heading off to Ocean City, NJ to celebrate! I hate the beach - I burn terribly - but the kids LOVE it and I can't wait to see how Daniel will react this year. Last year he was a maniac and we couldn't keep him away from the water. It will be nice to be away as a family and just relax to the sound of the ocean!

We had a great few days in the country with Andy's parents. They are so great for letting us crash their house for days at a time! We are a rowdy bunch and they just take it all in stride! I was finally able to get out to their barn - we store lots of stuff their - and PURGE!!!! I am a purger - I love getting rid of stuff. My only problem is I often get more stuff. This is something I am really trying to stop doing. Anyway, my mom has blessed us abundantly with clothing - our running joke is that she thinks we have twins of every kid! I had been storing the kids clothes in the barn for years, thinking we would have more children and could reuse the clothing. God has seen to bless us differently. So, I went through all the clothing, picked out my favorites of the boy stuff for future use with Daniel and got rid of all the rest!!! I gave most of it to my close friend Donna who God has blessed with six children!! She was so excited - which made me so excited! I have struggled in the past with whether or not to sell the clothing to make money for other things. Hence, the keeping of the clothing. But God has just been laying on my heart the fact that I have been blessed so abundantly by 1) not having to buy the clothes in the first place and 2) that He will continue to supply all our needs. He is such a great and awesome God!!!!

We are home for four days, three of which we will be doing school. The kids will be doing school on Labor Day! We have the past few years, so for them it's not really a holiday - they will be thankful come May when we are all done and Philly kids still have almost two months of school. They don't actually start school until September 10th! I don't understand how they get all their days in. It seems they always have off. I'll have to get a school calendar and see how it all works.

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