Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I should have....

....just bagged school for today. None of us are really into it today. Andy was given great seats for the Phillies Game tonight and the kids are out of their mind excited. There is a fourth ticket that I could use, but I hate sitting at baseball games - especially if they go into extra innings! It is pure torture for me! I would rather be at home doing things - like getting ready for our vacation this Friday. I am also in a house cleaning mode - going through all the old papers, paying bills, shredding things like crazy, organizing books, washing, cleaning bedrooms, etc. I would so rather be doing those things than sitting and teaching! So, we got through what we had to do - math, reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, penmanship, and geography. We skipped history today - we'll be getting a lot of living history as we visit Williamsburg, VA, Jamestown, VA and Roanoke Island, NC this coming week. Matt and Sarah are going to have to write small reports on each place we visit so I can put it in their portfolios.

I am getting used to my baby looking like a boy. It is really funny to look at him with that short hair and see a completely different child, though he is still the same rambunctious kid. He is also sweet. One of my favorite things he has been doing lately is coming over to me, blanket in hand, and saying "I hold you?". Isn't that sweet! I really love this phrase of his. I know one day he will get the phrase correct - "Hold me!" - but until then, I let him hold me! I have to keep remembering these sweet moments when he is being a little monster - like this morning. He just would not let anything be - the cat, his brother and sister, things he isn't supposed to touch. He was really testing me! I couldn't wait until nap time! When he was finished with his nap, he walked out of the room and told me "I sleep!". He seems a little better now - not so crazy. I need to start roomtime with him - I am a little behind in implementing this concept. Matt and Sarah were already doing 30 minutes of roomtime at his age. After we come back from NC I plan to be implementing several major changes, such as putting Daniel in a bed, moving the crib out of Sarah's room, a major new chore/ work schedule, and a new discipline strategy as all three kids are in need of new standards and I am in need of more consistency. There are several things we see in each child's character that we would like to "work on". One of the things Andy and I will be working on during vacation are these new plans. Please pray for wisdom and clarity of thought as we try to work out what is best for our children and family.

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