Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Art Auction

The auctioneer!
In Kids Club the leader, Trish, challenged the 7-10 year olds to bring in money to help the kids that have been effected by the earthquake in Haiti. Sarah has taken this challenge to heart and has been trying to figure out ways to earn money to help her team - the 9 and 10 year olds - raise the most money. For Valentine's Day she opened up a designer card shop and Andy and I purchased our cards for each other from her! They were quite good!
Some of the art work!
A picture with the artist!
A few weeks ago she, Daniel, and Matt could be found in the school room creating art. She created signs that stated there would be an art auction. The first two weeks is was to happen things came up and we had to turn the huge crowd away :-)!!! Well, this past Sunday, Andy's parents called and surprised us by coming down. Sarah was excited to have a couple extra people to auction her, Matthew's and Daniel's art! It was fun! The competition was steep! Some of the pieces went for more than $1!!!! All three kids had fun and were quite proud of the work they had done. I am proud that my girl is thinking of ways to help kids she hasn't even met find a better life and help them out of the devestation they now face.

Part of the auction crowd!!

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