Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Crazy Husband!

Yes, he is crazy - but I guess that is what makes him such a great youth pastor, father, and husband. He is, at this very moment, in line with 99 other people awaiting the opening of our new Chick-fil-a restaurant! Chick-fil-a always has a grand opening party and the first 100 customers get 52 Chick-fil-a sandwich combo meal vouchers! The only requirements are that you need to stay at the store for 24 hours and be one of the first 100! So Andy ventured over at 5:30 this morning and has been there all day! We went over to visit with him twice, a bit after lunch and at dinner. We will see him in the morning. I so would have joined him if I didn't have a 6 week old baby and it wasn't going to dip into the low 40's tonight. The kids would have had a blast! Maybe another time! But here are some photos of the tent city set up in Kensington!
We are very excited for this Chick-fil-a to open. The owner, Oscar, is a dedicated Christian and has really linked up with our church by hiring more than 20 of our members! It is such an answer to prayer for many of the families in our neighborhood as jobs are scarce. Please pray for Oscar and the many members of our church that are working here. Pray that the relationship would stand strong and that God would be honored in it all!

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It's the Little Things in Life said...

Hey Shannon! I'm a little embarrassed to say I lost track of your blog address when I moved and am just getting caught up now. It's great to see all your pictures. Thanks!!