Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have a great life!

I so do! I have four amazing children - complete miracles in my eyes. I have a great husband who was even willing to spend 24 hours outside a Chick-fil-a to earn 52 free #1 combo meals because he knows it's my favorite eatery! I have a wonderful church family who takes a special interest in my kids and me! I work with a great bunch of people who really care for one another and are joyful in our joys and sorrow with our sadness! I have a beautiful house that is safer than it was 17 months ago - and definitely more beautiful due to the hard work of my incredibly talented husband! There are many days when I don't take the time to think on these things and instead think on all that is going wrong and lose my focus on what is really important. I am trying to turn that around. I know it won't always be easy - there are times when my four miracles drive me INSANE and I don't think they are miracles at that point! There are times when my wonderful husband isn't so wonderful in my eyes and he drives me INSANE! But I also know that at times I am INSANE according to my husband and children! But I serve an awesome God who is going to help me in this area of my life and continue the good work He began so many years ago!

Here are a couple of pictures of two of my miracels - these two really are true miracles as both of their births were complicated and only here because of God's faithfulness. I really need to start taking more pictures of the older two so I can post them as well!
My chunky monkey! He's getting so big!

I love his hair! It is the perfect shape up! And his eyelashes are really coming in nicely!

(Blogger is giving me a hard time tonight about photos - I'm tired! I'll put more up tomorrow!)

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