Tuesday, January 12, 2010

37 weeks 4 days

Yes, that is how far along I am in this pregnancy. Only 2 weeks and 3 days, at the most, to go as they won't let me go beyond my due date (01/28/10). Though at my Dr. appointment last Thursday I was already dilated 3-4 cm. YEAH!! I was hoping to go last week, but little boy Schultz is hanging on by his toenails! He is getting quite large and it is getting harder to drive (I have short legs and a very big belly!) and to walk around and do normal things - like clean the bathrooms and laundry! Each day the kids ask if today is the day he will arrive - it's starting to drive me crazy! I know they are anxious and want to meet their brother - but I keep telling them God is in control and will let him arrive on the day he is to arrive. I am hoping his day is soon!

In the mean time we are getting ready for his arrival. The clutter from the bedroom is almost gone, the laundry is almost caught up, and I even painted our headboard for our bed today! It was a dark blue and it is now a sage green to match the new bedding I bought about 10 months ago! I am finally getting brave enough to remove the white sheets from our bed - though I did that for the kids a couple of months ago. I am praising God that we still are in the clear as far as bedbugs go. We pray each day that we will never have to go through that experience again. I am so thankful for all Andy has done to our house. It really is looking quite amazing. We are going to be hanging pictures this weekend - if the baby doesn't come - so I will post pictures of what the house looks like. I am in love with it again!

I will post any updates about baby Schultz as soon as the great event happens! Please pray that he will arrive safely and that all will be well! Pray for the kids, too, as they adjust to a new sibling - we think Daniel is going to be a riot - he is already so in love with this little guy!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Awww, I know you are ready! I am about 11 weeks and that EDD seems so far away!