Saturday, June 26, 2010

I know, I know.....

I said I was going to blog last week - especially because I had two kids with birthdays - but I failed!! This is why I failed: I had been working on these portfolio for weeks and had to turn them into the school by June 21st - as that was the last day of school for Philly and all the staff leaves for the summer. Technically we have until June 30th to report our work - but why fight it? There is no sense and I don't want to be targeted as a "problem homeschooler". So, I worked hard, got the evaluations done and turned them it. Oh! It felt so good to be done with another year.

So that was a week ago - and I think my brain went on vacation! I have been so tired and have done nothing but the necessities - feed the baby, play with the baby, play with the almost 5 yo, feed the crew, and SLEEP!!!! I have done a few loads of laundry and cleaned, but that's about it!! I will start my major cleaning this week - I just needed a break!
My sweet baby turned 5 MONTHS OLD yesterday!!! I can't believe he is that old!! He also presented his first tooth yesterday!! It is gleaming white in his cute little mouth! It made me kinda sad - I so love those gummy smiles!!! He's growing up way to fast! He also tried to roll over to his belly today!!! (I grabbed the camera, but it was on the wrong setting so it didn't turn out that well - but I got a shot!) I so don't want him to grow up!! I love this sweet baby and his grins and giggles!!! Before I know it he will be 5 - just like my third child - or 11 or 13 like my older two. I do love watching them grow and learn - but so miss those days where I could hug and cuddle and whisper lullabies in their ears to calm their tears. Knowing Drew is our last I find myself holding and cuddling all the more - trying to memorize each moment in my heart.

Drew also went in the pool for the first time today. All our other kids are summer babies and have been in the pool as soon as their umbilical cord fell off. It's funny to put a 5 month old in the water! They have more of a reaction than infants!! See what he thought of it.....
But by the end he was smiling!
I'm still tired. Reading Rocks starts next week and I am so not ready for it. I am thankful that I have a lot of the school supply shopping done as I don't know if I have the energy to do it all this summer. Hopefully, Staples will have their deals and I'll be able to get most of the supplies in one spot.

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