Thursday, November 4, 2010


is extremely unpredictable. This past weekend Andy and I were celebrating the fact that it was two years since we found our first bed bug - and that we weren't finding them anymore! Though Daniel gave us quite a scare as he had three "bumps" that itched terrible. We feel they were mosquito bites but thoroughly check his bed and bedroom and didn't find anything and he hasn't had anymore - Praise God! It is amazing how those bugs have transformed our everyday lives, though. We don't really ever forget them and continue to check for them wherever we go. Even our home reflects the fact that we have had them as we have scaled down our belongings quite a bit. I love the newer emptier house - and often wish I could get it even emptier! But with four kids and a husband - there will be stuff! If you do not know what a bed bug is or what it looks like I highly suggest that you go online and find a picture of all five stages and signs to look for. They are everywhere - and have been in the news quite a bit lately! Even new clothing brought home from the store is not safe as several different stores have been infested with the little devils. You may inadvertently bring one home. They are now suggesting putting all new clothing into the dryer on high for at least 30 minutes. Most of our clothing comes from overseas where they don't really consider the bed bug a pest to be dealt with. Eggs can be laid on the clothing and you would never know until it was too late. You can't visibly see the eggs as they are tiny and clear. But high heat will kill them. If you are like me and don't know if you will be keeping the item (Drew outgrows clothes amazingly fast!) I put it in a large Ziploc bag until I know I am keeping it and then throw it in the dryer. If there is a bug on the item at least it will be sealed in the bag. But we are praising God everyday that we are done with them and praying even harder that we never have to deal with them again!

We were also thanking God for the fact that a dear friend had gotten news that he is still cancer free - two years! He had cancer surgery the same day we found out we were dealing with bed bugs. His wife and I commiserated together many a day as both trials threatened to suck the life out of both of us. God brought us both through our trials and we give Him the praise! Without Him we would never have survived!

This past weekend wasn't all good though as I received news that my little sister (we are 13 months apart) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Honestly, of the two of us I thought I would be the one dealing with the disease as she has always eaten healthy, ran and exercised and has just been plain healthier. We don't know the type or how far advanced it is as of yet. She has had an appointment with the surgeon and it looks as if the surgery will be November 22nd. She has to have an MRI first (Nov. 10th) and then they will know more about the cancer. They believe it to be slow growing and in the duct - I think that's the better one to have. Please pray for her and my mom (who is a bit of a mess). Pray also for my nephew as this is probably rocking his world. He's an only child and a quiet kid (12 years old). I'm praying he finds his way through this and learns to lean on God. I am also praying that this trial will draw my sister close to God as she hasn't really been walking with Him the last several years.

So life is unpredictable - but I am extremely thankful to God for His never ending love and faithfulness. Even though I don't know what the future holds - I know the One who holds the future! Praise God!

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