Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Play!!

Usually, we just have the kids that attend our church sing a song for the four Sundays of advent and then a couple of songs for Christmas Eve. This year another woman that attends our church asked the "choir director" if she could put on a play. She wanted a big production - thankfully the choir director suggested she start small - VERY WISE MOVE! You see we only get a handful of "regulars" (and they are usually staff kids!). Often we get many kids from the neighborhood sporadically. Even today - the day of the play - we had new kids that had never been to a practice before today! But it was such a cute play and the kids did a fantastic job! It was the Christmas story centered around four different songs with different kids narrating.
Daniel played Joseph - and was mighty handsome! Sarah was a narrator and did a great job! My parents and Andy's parents attended the event and then came to the house for lunch. We had a great time visiting! Here are some pictures of the play!

It was so much fun helping out! I hope it becomes a regular part of our Christmas program!

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