Sunday, July 8, 2012

Old Friends….

Camp Sankanac holds a special place in my heart.  I went there for 10 years as a camper (from ages 7-16) and then was a counselor there for four years.  The friends I have made from my days there have lasted more than 30 years!  AMAZING!  This past May the director of Camp Sankanac for 29 years, Jan Coudriet, suddenly went home to be with the Lord at the age of 61.  He saw me and my friends grow up there at Sankanac.  He saw our kids start going!  He was an amazing man of God and loved each one of us!  When my daughter started going to the camp three years ago he would personally make sure she was doing well and make time to talk with her a few minutes each day!  He was just such a caring and loving father-figure!  Yes, God took two very important men from my life this year – within a span of three weeks.  My heart misses them both.  I can’t imagine what Camp Sankanac will be like when we take our daughter up next weekend.  His smiling face was the first one we saw upon arrival and the last one we saw when we picked her up.  It’s going to be VERY hard and different.

While at his funeral, my friends and I talked about how we hadn’t seen each other in many years – like ten years!  It was far too long and I wish the circumstances had been different in us deciding this fact….but we made a date for us all to get together.  That date was today!  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun!  Though not all could join us there were six families present – with a total of 16 kids! (Four kids were not present as they were either grown and away or at camp!)  It was so much fun getting together!  Here are a few snap shots of our day!

012022029047My guys!!!!

056Puppy Love!  She was SO cute!

079Our passel of kids!!!

099Part of the “original” gang!

111With the spouses!

138The whole gang!!!

089BAD Aunt Lisa!!!

It was a great time together!  I hope we don’t wait ANOTHER ten years before we get together again!

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