Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vacation 2009

Well, this years beach vacation has been our most interesting one yet! We arrived Saturday to cloudy conditions, but MomMom was prepared and had a Lego kit for each kid to enjoy during the late afternoon. We had a great meal together and then sent the kids to bed early as we knew our day would start off early with the excitement of going to the beach.

Little did I know that our day would actually start off at 6 am with Daniel crying he had to get sick to his stomach! He was sleeping in a double bed with Matt and it kind of freaked Matt out - he doesn't do so well with other people getting sick! I rushed in their room, whooped him out of the bed and ran him to the toilet where he did get a little sick. The rest of the day, however, you would never have known he was sick. He ate, ran around the beach like a nut, and was just his crazy self. We even went to the boardwalk that evening and rode rides, ate some funnel cake, and some caramel popcorn. He was fine. I put him to bed with me as Matt was still a little freaked by the episode. I was glad (well kinda!) I did as at 1:30 am he totally lost EVERYTHING! All over me! Gross! I am so glad I don't get squeamish with these kinds of things. So I woke Andy up from his bed and we stripped the bed, Daniel, and cleaned up the entire mess. Poor Daniel was so upset. But we got him settled down and he quickly fell back to sleep for the rest of the night. I watched everything he ate on Sunday and made sure it was the blandest diet with absolutely no sweets - tough to do with the grands around! But he seems to be over whatever it was he had!

So far we have had three beautiful days at the beach! Sunday I was even at the beach for 5 1/2 hours - and I didn't get ANY sunburn! I was so proud of myself! Monday I spent another 5 1/2 hours - no sunburn and Tuesday I spent 4 1/2 hours there - again no sunburn! I have been vigilant about the sunscreen! I am also happy to report Daniel is also sunburn free - he is my kid that burns the worst of the three. Sarah is looking like a little brown girl and Matt's freckles are popping out like crazy!

You may be looking for photos, but unfortunately I won't have any for awhile. For some reason or another my new Canon SLR camera won't take pictures. I have only had it for about two months and it won't work. I am so upset. I did bring our little point and shoot, but once again my computer won't recognize the camera and I can't download the photos. So now my camera and my computer are down - so frustrating! I need to read more about these items and figure out how to solve these issues.

Today was an overcast day, but we drove down to Cape May and had breakfast at McGlades - great food, large portions and on the beach! We even got to see dolphins swimming around in the ocean! We then walked around the shops and I did a little Christmas shopping for Daniel. I am almost done with him! I want to be done all my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving as I think I will feel too huge to do any shopping after that!

Baby Schultz seems to like the beach. He has been kicking up a storm and seems to get the hiccups a lot! Sarah is still mourning the fact that it is a boy. She sees all kinds of cute girl things and really wishes we could be buying them for her new little sister. I keep trying to encourage her that her little brother will be cute and we can buy some really cute things for him, too. Right now, I believe our friend's little girl, Lily, will be receiving a lot of cute things for Christmas to help us get out of our girly mode and into boy mode!

Vacation is going well. We are really enjoying our time together as a family and are relaxing tons. I am so thankful we have three more days!

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Trish said...

Oh good, I was worried Lily wouldn't have enough cute things to last her through the year, haha. ;) Sarah can always come over and dress up Gizmo if she wants! :)

I'm glad you are having a good vacation!!!