Friday, September 18, 2009


Yes, that is me crying that today is our last full day of vacation. It's back to Philly tomorrow. I have so enjoyed the peace and quiet, the beautiful finished house and the no-stress life! Now we go back to our totally chaotic house, stress-filled life and noisy neighborhood. I REALLY have no desire to go back. So I plan to enjoy our day today by going to the beach, sitting in the sun and watching the kids enjoy the sea and finishing my book.

Yesterday was a very cool day so we went to the mall and bought the kids new shoes and some winter clothing. Daniel is in LOVE with his new Sketchers! He has done nothing but praise his new sneakers! They light up a VERY BRIGHT GREEN color! You could spot him a mile away in the pitch black! He is going to LOVE wearing these sneakers up at PopPop and Grammy's in the dark! He is very pleased! Matt and Sarah also got new sneakers - but they don't light up! What was shocking was that my daughter - who is ten - in only one size smaller than me!!!! The child has huge feet for being so young! Matt is already at a 11! Andy is a size 13 - I guess Matt will be there in about two years at the ripe old age of 14! After that I told him he would have to start wearing shoe boxes lined with duct tape!

I am off to the beach!

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