Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ocean City, NJ 2010

This has been our week of vacation. At first we didn't think we were going to be able to come to the ocean this year as my parents usually rent the house and invite us along. But both have switched jobs this year and are trying to be "good" and decided not to rent a house this year - which we were totally fine with. But as our week started approaching we realized just how much we really enjoy our week at the beach. So I went on the internet and searched for a house that had enough room that we could afford. I had several on a list and then called the realtor in charge of renting. I asked if the owner of the first house on my list would take a lower price than they actually wanted for this week. This house hadn't been rented the last three weeks. The owner agreed to the lower price and we got a great deal! The house is nice, comfortable, plenty of room, GREAT front porch and a close walk to the beach. Best of all we've been having a great week together as a family. Here is our week in pictures.

Day One:
We arrived around 2 pm - the earliest we could get into the house. My parents joined us for the weekend.
Day Two:
This was our rainy day - which was still great! We played games, relaxed, napped, and just chilled!

Day Three:
Our day alone. We relaxed, went to the beach, and hit the boards. I have been reading up a storm!!! Trying to fit in all the reading I can as I can't seem to find a ton of time while I'm at home!Daniel LOVES the beach - has since he was just an infant. He is a true beach baby!Matt is out in the ocean - he's the one on the far right. He has really become quite a fish!! Drew doesn't care too much for the beach right now! He just SAW the water and started to fuss. Here he is lifting his feet as high as he can so he doesn't have to touch it! We'll keep trying!Sarah LOVES the ocean as well! Hard to believe this girl screamed her head off if we even went NEAR the sand when she was two years old!! Glad that didn't last long!

Day Four:
Andy's parents came down for few days! It was so much fun getting to relax with them and actually spend some quality time. We are usually running up for something and haven't really spent time with them this year. We discovered that Drew had acquired two new teeth! His fangs have come in before the two top center ones! Matt and Sarah did the same thing! Daniel was my only "normal" teether!

Day Five:
Gorgeous beach day! Drew doesn't think too much of the beach - though I did get him to play in the sand for a few minutes and actually sit in the water for a few - before he totally lost it and decided it was not for him!
Day Six:
Andy, his parents and the kids take a surry ride in the am. They have a great time! I have been hanging back at the house while Drew takes his morning nap - SUCH a sacrifice!!! It's windy today and we decide to not do the beach.
It's been a great - RELAXING - vacation! I have loved the quiet and all the reading I am doing. I have enjoyed just spending time with the kids and not the pressure and stress of everyday life! I hate to see it end but thank God for allowing us this special blessing!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

How smart you were to ask if the price could be lowered. Filing that one away. ;)

Your baby has teefies!!!!