Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My girl!

This past Sunday I had the privilege and blessing of witnessing my daughter get baptized by her dad and PopPop John! She has been asking to be baptized for a couple years now, but that also means having family over for lunch afterwards. Well, first we were invaded by the dreadful bed bugs, then our house was a DISASTER afterwards for several months, then I was pregnant and had a baby! So, life was a little crazy there for a while. We finally had a date that we could all work with and Sarah was THRILLED to finally be able to take that step in her profession of faith in Jesus Christ! I am glad we waited as I believe it really meant more to her now than it would have when she was 8 or 9. She has matured and grown in her faith and I believe that she understands more fully what this step means. I am proud of the young lady she is becoming and it brought tears to my eyes to witness her walking in her faith. I keep praying that she will cling to Christ all her days.It was also an honor to have her PopPop John participate in the baptism. PopPop helped baptize Matt five years ago and Sarah wanted him there for her too. He has been a tremendous influence on their lives and encourages them to continue in their walk. More than the words are the prayers that both he and Grammy put up for them. I am glad they have such God-fearing grandparents! I am so blessed to have others praying for my children! Please continue to pray that Sarah would continue on her walk with the Lord.

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