Monday, October 25, 2010

A Guest

Yesterday we had a guest in our house.This is Ladybug (not her real name, obviously!). She is a coworkers daughter and they had a scheduling conflict - so we got the privilege of watching her for a few hours! It was so much fun! The boys were extremely excited to have her over! She is nine months older than Drew. It was fun to watch the two of them interact together as they don't really see each other that much. Drew was really watching her crawl around - I am afraid he was getting far too many pointers! He was also watching how she pulls herself up - again - too many pointers. This morning he was really trying to pull himself up and when he sits on my lap - he tries to stand!!!!! UGH!!! He's going to be up and running before I know it!
Ladybug and Drew got along well - until Drew tried to horn in on Ladybug's snack! It was pretty fun to watch - she handled it really well and let him have a few of her crackers - he is big time into eating real food - though he still makes TONS of faces whenever introduced to something new - you would think he hated the new food - but he often likes it and will eat more.

Ladybug is a true joy! She is really funny and SUCH a girl! She has two older brothers and it is hysterical to watch this family with a little girl! It's going to be so much fun seeing them all grow up! Thanks for letting me watch your precious girl!

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