Sunday, February 27, 2011

Visit with my sister

As many of you know, my little sister is dealing with breast cancer.  She was diagnosed last November and has been undergoing chemotherapy since late December at University of Pennsylvania Hospital.  She has been doing amazing!!!  This past Thursday was her tenth treatment and she wanted me and the kids to come and visit with her while she was getting her chemo.  104The hospital ENCOURAGES visits by many different people and has no age restriction!  The kids thought this was great and were so excited to go see Aunt Lisa.  I think they were also a bit curious as to what exactly happens.  097Daniel was a riot and has been super sensitive towards Aunt Lisa.  He really enjoyed getting to see what goes on – and playing with her iPhone!

The best news, however, was finding out that there is no longer any detectable mass!!  YAY!!!  The doctors are quite pleased with how well she has been responding to treatment.  She has two more treatments in this phase and then four more in the second phase.  She will then have surgery June 2nd and have the entire summer to recuperate (she is a P.E. teacher for a public school).  Please continue to pray for her, that she would continue to respond well to treatment, for strength as she is getting tired more easily at this point (to be expected) and that the surgery would go well.  More importantly continue to pray for her heart to be moved towards God and to rely upon him for strength.


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Mama Teaching 3 said...

I had no clue!

She looks great, Shannon!

I am praying!