Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sometimes one of our local libraries (we have two in our neighborhood) gets it together and does a great job of providing some educational programs.  Richmond Library (my favorite one) recently got a new Children’s Librarian (and I LOVE her!) and she has been bringing in various people to educate the kids on art, music, and science.  Yesterday, the Insectarium, came to the library with several interesting (and GROSS!) bugs!  I am so glad several of the bugs he brought are native to other countries – and that God hasn’t called me to live in one of them!


I ran the kids and our friend Paxton over for the show.  They were all pretty excited and LOVED seeing and even petting some of the bugs. 


The speaker, Dave, was very informative and funny and the kids really learned a lot of interesting facts about bugs – the most important fact being that we NEED bugs to live on this earth.  Isn’t God amazing – that we actually NEED bugs – these creepy crawly creatures to live.  The one bug the kids REALLY liked was the Goliath Beetle – IT’S HUGE!!! 


The kids in the country where it’s found climb the trees in search of them, tie a string to it’s abdomen, and then pretend it is a type of balloon as they fly.  Then they take them home and have their mother’s cook them for lunch!  EEEWWWW!  But the bug is pretty!

Daniel really liked the Jewel Beetles.  They are pretty! 


The tarantula was the hit of the show – though we weren’t able to pet it as they have little hairs on them that make you itch – but the kids all wanted one after seeing Dave handle one!  I don’t think so!!!

Towards the end of the program Dave brought out cheese flavored cornmeal worms.  He then challenged the kids to eat one!  Paxton took one – but didn’t eat it! 

bugs5 Instead they all got Daniel to try it!  He didn’t think too much of it!


It was a lot of fun!  I am hoping this new librarian continues to provide neat educational programs that will encourage learning among the children of our neighborhood. 

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