Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adventure Aquarium

Fish 4Last Sunday we had the great pleasure to take another family to the Adventure Aquarium in NJ.  We have a membership and it allowed us to take all but one for free!!  The Hood’s are missionaries with WEC and have three boys almost the same age as our first three.  They come to our church every Sunday and give out food that Whole Foods has donated to their mission. I know the people of our neighborhood really appreciate the items they give out as it helps stretch their food budgets each week!Fish 3I love the aquarium.  They have so many neat creatures and every time I go it seems they have new ones to look at and study!  FishI wish we could go more often – even though we have a membership it still costs $14 each time we go.  The membership doesn’t cover parking or the toll to get back over the bridge.  But we try to go at least six times while we have the membership – that way we cover the cost of the membership and get some free visits in.  We also try to take people so we get more bang for our buck!

It was really fun to take Drew this time as he was REALLY interested in the “things” swimming around in the water. Fish 2Fish 1But we have discovered that he really doesn’t like water.  Every bath is a scream fest until I pull him out of the water.  He would even stick his hand in any of the touch tanks.  The kid does not like water!  It’s going to be an interesting summer as our other kids are fish and spend 95% of their time in the pool!  Hopefully, he will get past this!

The Sting Ray Bay was really neat this week!  Fish 8The rays were very active and even coming up out of the water to greet us! Fish 7 I love Sarah’s face in this picture – one of shock and surprise! Fish 6 She hasn’t been fond of rays since she was little and one splashed her at a visit to Sea World.  But with her studying sea creatures this year for science she has become more accepting of the creatures!Fish 5We had a great time!  Our membership expires the end of the month – I am hoping to get back there one more time with Grammy Schultz – she loves fish!  Then we will move onto land creatures and visit the Philadelphia Zoo this summer and fall!  I love living in Philly!  SO many things to do and see!

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