Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter9I know – I am so far behind in my blog life!  Easter was almost two weeks ago – but I need to put these pictures up!  We had a great day spending a quiet Easter with my parents and sister.  The kids were all decked out in their finest – even Matt agreed to wear a nice shirt! 

I took my camera to church and got a few of the kids with their friends!  I even convinced Matt, Eliza, and Josh to humor me with one more photo of the terrible I mean terrific trio!  I have one of them together every Easter since Eliza was one!  Her first birthday was on Easter!Easter2

This is Sarah’s crew…Easter1

And now we have the future hoodlums!  Easter3These four are the neatest kids ever!  I love each of them so much!!  Can’t wait to see what God is going to do with this crew – they are just a bunch of neat kids!Easter5Daniel and his best bud!  These two crack me up!  Both are very animated!

Then there is sweet Drew!  Easter8He has a crew – they’re just all smaller than him right now and wouldn’t cooperate for a photo!  I really wish I would have gotten one of him and his Lili girl!  Those two are going to be TROUBLE together – I can see it now!!

It was a great Easter.  Our church held two services and our kids choir sang at both of them – such troopers!Easter7

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Mary Garven said...

beautiful pics - so glad your kids have a group of friends to encourage and get in trouble with - it's the best!!!