Monday, April 30, 2012

Where did my baby go?

This post is long overdue – but I wanted to write about it so I wouldn’t forget!  Easter weekend was a big one for my little guy!  Friday, April 6th, Drew got his first haircut!  It was so time!  251Do you see those long curls!  They would get all knotty and he would hate to have them combed out.  My mom’s wonderful hairdresser gave him his first haircut – she’s given all my kids their first haircut!  She’s so sweet and kind and the kids love her!  267Of course we had to bribe Drew to sit on Daddy’s lap – MomMom brought the bribe candy – gummy carrots.  297He LOVED them!  Of course there isn’t too much of the sugar category that Drew doesn’t like!!

That Monday, April 9th, Drew FINALLY got his cast off!  I can’t tell you how happy I was!  He was a real trooper.  Didn’t fuss or cry when they took it off.  In fact, after the cast came off he looked at his hand and said, “Ewww!”  There was a bit of crud right above his knuckles!  He’s so funny!  After getting the cast off he wouldn’t use the right hand for anything!  When I encouraged him to use it for eating or coloring – his response was, “No, Mommy.”  But now I am starting to see him use it more.  I was worried that this whole broken arm thing may have caused more than bone damage.  Sometimes messing with hand dominance can mess with other things – brain things.  But it looks like he may be on  the mend!  541One thing that he hasn’t gone back to is sucking that little thumb!  I have to say I am happy about that – but I sure do miss that cute little thumb stuck in his mouth – it seems my baby is truly gone and the little boy is emerging full force!581  Let the wild ride begin!

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Awww!!! He is all healed and so darling! :) Enjoy him this summer mama!