Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Talker

I think God has a HUGE sense of humor!  As a child I was the shy, non-verbal type.  I pretty much tried to blend in with the scenery.  Never liked crowds and desperately tried to never make any kind of eye contact with anyone!  My sister on the other hand, was (and still is!) the complete opposite – center of attention, highly verbal, and LOVED meeting new people!

So, why do I think God has a sense of humor?  Because three of my four kids are just like her! 

028030Sarah talked full sentences by the time she was 18 months.  Daniel spent the first three years of his life in her room and pretty much picked up the talking thing as fast as she would talk to him!  Matt is a talker to me (but is somewhat quiet around strangers) – put that boy in a car with just me and he talks up a storm!  The other funny thing is is that her son is JUST LIKE ME!  A quiet kid who likes to READ!!! 

012Now we have Drew.  He is now 28 months old (2 years 4 months!) and for the LONGEST time the older three would say, “When is he going to say real words?”  I did not put him in Sarah’s room, because honestly, I could wait for those words to come!  I am still a “relish the quiet” person and sometimes the kids use their word quota by 2 pm!  I know I shouldn’t be like that – and God is working on this with me.  I am trying to enjoy the fact that my kids love to talk to me and tell me about EVERYTHING!  And really focus in on what they are telling me and not just nod my head as I try to do other things.

Now Drew is starting to tell me EVERYTHING!  It seems he is learning new words every day!  His favorite word right now is “baseball”.  He wants to watch baseball with his daddy, he wants to toss a baseball to whoever will catch, he wants to wear baseball hats.  And it is so cute how he says it – as two words – “base” “ball”.  032The kids are amazed!  Now they are trying to get him to say all kinds of words and giggle when he says them in that cute little toddler voice.  My favorite word he says is “welcome” when he’s supposed to say “thank-you”!  It’s really funny!  I’ll have to try and get a video of that one!

So as I go through each day, the verse I have chosen to focus on is “Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge.” Psalm 19:2.  Now I know the verse is speaking about the heavens declaring the glory of God, but my little bits of heaven are also pouring forth speech and displaying their knowledge and I am trying to cherish this – because one day too soon the house will be quiet.

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