Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Little Nutkin

Andy is away on a teen retreat with Matt and now Sarah!  She turns 13 this month!!!  Crazy!  So I am home with the two younger boys!  It’s really funny!  I’ve never just had two boys!  The girl has always been there!  The dynamics of the house are very different when it’s just two boys!  Drew has been an absolute NUT!!!  He’s been climbing EVERYTHING, playing with everything and talking to me like crazy!!!  I guess when the girl is away he feels the need to fill the silence!  Though Daniel does a pretty good job of filling the silence along with him!

Today, I opened the dishwasher to unload it and found this…


Apparently he had been there before me!  He was so excited I had “found” them for him!


He’s also VERY into wearing different hats.  He found this one of Sarah’s and has been wearing it around the house for days now….


He is such a nut!  But he is SO MUCH fun!  But honestly, it’s going to be a miracle if we make it through the summer without a trip to the ER!  After he got his cast off in April the doctor said to me, “Try to keep him safe from himself!”  Yeah – I think that’s easier said than done!

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