Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cornerstone Block Party 2012

002Today was our church’s 8th annual block party!  It truly is an amazing event to pull off!  We close a main thoroughfare in our neighborhood – we have to obtain a block party permit and it is ALWAYS a huge answer to prayer when we are granted one – they aren’t too keen on closing a main street because buses have to be rerouted!  But God has been incredible in granting us one every year!

The block party has become an event that the entire neighborhood looks forward to!  There is face painting,083 inflatables,005040007 music and puppets,015 and most importantly – the gospel is being shared through the use of the evangi-cube, stick drama, and gospel magic!035132100110118What I find amazing is that Matt and Sarah are now actively involved in A LOT of the block party events!  They are the ones pictured performing in the stick drama and the gospel magic!  How did they get so old already?

I took Drew and Daniel up for a couple of hours.  076031Daniel was a mess for the first part but soon shipped up and started having fun.  He loved the inflatables!  052055081I tried to get Drew to do the water one – but he would have nothing of it!  079He much preferred to play in the fire hydrant!060064It was a great day and the weather was VERY cooperative!033We are praising God for the people whose lives were touched and praying that they would grow in their faith.

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