Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tot School

For a while now, my friend Carisa has been posting Tot School posts on her homeschool blog. I am always amazed at all that she does with her two year old. Though I try to read to Daniel on a regular basis and do some other small fun things with him I have to admit my time often gets eaten up by the older two and their schooling. I am determined to make an effort in changing things this summer so that in the fall he will be more in the schedule of school.

The past few days I have been making the time after our morning walk "Tot School" time. We usually read books or put a puzzle together. Today we pulled out a great activity that I recommend to all parents or grandparents of children under 3 that love to paint! I hate painting - I hate the mess it makes and all the clean-up. But this is great! It is called "Water Wow! Doodle Book". We got ours at KB Toys for $5.99 - so don't get it at amazon. I just have the link there to show you what it looks like. (I can't believe they are selling it for $25!) He sat and painted each page carefully and then we went through some of the questions for each page. The best thing about this book is that the color disappears after a while (about an hour) and you can reuse it!!! I love it! Like I said, I highly recommend this activity book!


Carisa said...

YAY!!!! You did a Tot School post, I am SO excited to have a real life friend participating!!! I want my online friends to get to know you too! Love that book, and your comment on my post is too funny.
Love ya,

The four little penguins say: said...

That book is cool. My kids would love it.