Sunday, May 4, 2008

Safe in God's Hands

Today, Andy let me have the "day off" to go shopping with my mom at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. I was gone for about 12 hours! I had a great time catching up with my mom and buying the last few things the kids needed for their summer garb. When I came home, I was quickly surrounded by three eager kids to tell me the events of the day. All I can say is that God is SO GOOD.

Last night we rented a movie from RedBox. It is located in the ShopRite on Aramingo Avenue - my usual grocery store. You have it for one night for $1.00 plus tax. I asked Andy to return the movie when he ran over to take the kids to Home Depot for their wood shop class held the first Saturday of each month. They are located right next to each other. He and the kids ran into the store to return the movie - one hour later the bank in the store was held up by two men with an automatic rifle. Later on a police officer was killed by those same gunmen/ robbers not far from the library we regularly visit. Matt's very words were "God always protects us!" And He does!

It is only through the prayers of others that we are safe in God's hands. With the summer coming on strong, the violence and anger will begin to escalate. It is around this time of year kids cease attending school and parents begin to lose track of their kids whereabouts. Please pray that the ministry God has given to us will provide the hope that the families in our neighborhood need. Please pray for our, and the other members of our team, safety throughout the summer months. Yes, sometimes it's scary living here and we would love to return home, but we know we will never be safer than in the center of God's will.

Please also pray for my mom. We had heard about the officer being killed, but not about the ShopRite incident. She already hates the fact we live here. If she figures out that that is the grocery store at which I regularly shop - and mostly at night - she will be beside herself with worry. Pray that she would trust God for His protective hand over our family.

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