Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last night - First night

Last night was the last Preteens of the winter/spring season. All season we have averaged about 40 kids - a pretty good number for two ages (11 and 12's). Andy did a great job with the lesson and got the kids excited about the study of David coming this summer. I am always impressed with how much these "unchurched" kids remember from week to week. Family week is next week and then we are "shut down" until the first Tuesday in June. We need this time to regroup and get new leaders in place for the PBU leaders we lose. Please pray that we will have enough leaders this summer to handle all the activities we would like to offer.

Last night was also Matt's first night as a preteen! All of Matt's friends turned 11 as of last Sunday. He was the only one left upstairs since his birthday isn't until June. His dad had grace on him and allowed him to enter preteens one week early! With the close down he would have started preteens when we started up again in June, so Andy didn't think it terrible that he be there. It was WEIRD!! I am so not ready for this preteen thing! It's hard to believe that he is that old already! I just don't picture him as one of our "preteens"! Now the whole church crew - Eleanna, Morgan, Eliza, Josh, and Matt are in preteens. Please pray that they would be a good influence on the other preteens and that they would "walk the walk". It is an awesome responsibility they carry, but I believe they all have the ability, with God's help, to do it.

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