Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lovely Lancaster, PA

One of my favorite places on earth, besides the Schultz farm, is Lancaster, PA. I love the quiet, the beautiful scenery, and the great food! Shoe-fly pie is the best! My mom invited Matt, Sarah, and I to spend a night in a hotel along with my sister and nephew. We had a lot of fun. We started out by getting up REALLY early on Saturday to be at my sister's house by 7:00 a.m. We first stopped by Shady Maple Smorgasbord for breakfast! I LOVE this place - they make omelette's to order! The kids loved it as they could choose whatever they wanted to eat - I did make sure they got some fruit in them! We then headed off to shop. Our first stop was Kitchen Kettle Village where I purchased Andy and his mom some Red Pepper Jam. They love the stuff - I don't understand why - but they do. I think I got enough to keep them supplied throughout the summer!

We then headed to Rockvale Outlets where we purchased shoes for all the kids. Poor Daniel has been in shoes that have been just fitting. I got him a pair of light up shoes - he was so thrilled! His little face just beamed with satisfaction! The kid has BIG FEET! He is now wearing a 9 1/2 toddler size. I hope he starts growing into his feet soon! After a full day of shopping we went to the hotel where the kids were able to enjoy the pool. They had a blast! We then went and got dinner and brought it back to the hotel where mom treated us to an in-room movie: The Waterhorse. It was a good movie - lots of funny parts! It really is amazing what they can do with the computer today.

After a good sleep we ate breakfast and the kids were able to enjoy the pool for a little while before checking out. We had been shopped out from the day before so we headed home early. I was glad as I had much school to plan and much laundry to do - but the best part was seeing my sweet baby who Daddy had worn out completely! I had to wake him at 4:30 p.m. He refused to open his eyes for 20 minutes! He was so funny.

It's good to go away - so that you can appreciate home. I am glad to be home.

We have only 13 days of school work. Pray that they would go smoothly and that we would finish our year well.

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