Thursday, April 3, 2008

All I can say.....

is I am glad there are only 31 days of school left, though Matt will probably be working on material throughout the summer as he has fallen WAY behind this week. He has been difficult to say the least. We are standing strong and are being tough on him. He has gone with Andy up to church for the last two days. So far he has no mp3 player, no cd player, no tv, no morning walks, no DS and no new Hawk Nelson cd that he just purchased (though he has nothing to listen to it on anyway!). You would think that having all this stuff taken away would make a dent in his attitude towards school and his parents, only it really hasn't. I know God has wonderful things in-store for this kid - I just pray He opens his eyes and ears soon so we can all enjoy life! Please pray we make wise decisions with raising him.

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