Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tough Lesson

For the past several weeks we have been having difficulty with Matt completing his school work in a timely fashion. He is just dragging his feet. We have been warning him that with that type of behavior consequences follow sooner or later. Along the way small consequences have come - no tv, no trips to Target, no trip to the church playground, etc. None have seemed to have had an effect. Well, tonight a stiff consequence came. A friend from church called this evening saying she had two extra tickets to see a Phantoms game - they were center ice! Unfortunately, Matt had fallen behind on his school work. He spent FOUR hours on Spelling today - it should have taken him at most ONE hour. So, we had to decline the tickets. He had just been saying a few days ago how much he would like to go to a hockey game - but tickets are expensive. This would have been a perfect event to take him to, but we held strong - as much as we wanted him to go - and let the chips fall. He was devastated. Please pray that he will take this consequence to heart and evaluate his behavior. Please pray that he will make the choice to do what is right - not just do what he wants. We are praying that he will remember this in the future and that it will effect his heart and be a turning point for him.

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