Monday, March 31, 2008


I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I have blogged! Life has been crazy! We successfully finished testing and I think the kids did pretty well. They focused, took their time and really tried - that's all I can ask! Thanks for praying! We will know the results in about eight weeks.

I have some exciting news - there is a new love in my life: My new washer and dryer!!! We have been saving for awhile and researching for the right one - and we finally went for it! They are made by Fisher-Paykel, a New Zealand company! One of the reasons we settled on this pair is the fact that they are small. Our basement door and stairs are narrow - 27" - and we needed something that would fit in the basement. As you can see we were a little wrong on the dryer. The black marks you see on the side were a result of the dryer not being quite narrow enough! Oh, well! It's in the basement - no one will really see it and Andy says he's going to get some Rustoleum and paint it. The washer is still 3.7 cu. feet - bigger than my old one. My old washer was rusting and dropping bits of rust in the wash, leaving nasty little rust marks on various pieces of clothing. I LOVE this new set! The dryer is a top load dryer - so cool! Except I am a bit short to reach the bottom of it! I have to have a stool to reach the small things! The other cool thing about my new dryer is that it collects the lint in a little bucket and I just have to pull the bucket and dump it into the garbage!!! No more lint dust everywhere! Sarah really like this feature:She just laughed when she saw the little happy face! It even thanks you for using it! So silly - but I love it!

Not much else is going on. We have 34 days of school left. I know I shouldn't be counting, but I am ready to focus on something other than school. I am already planning our schedule for the summer and writing out the jobs that I would like to accomplish. It feels good to know that there is a plan for the summer - though Andy's schedule is looking rather crazy! Pray for him as everything comes together for the next few months.

Daniel has been a real ham lately and has loved having his picture taken - here is an example:He's so cute - isn't he!?!?!

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