Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Proverbial Wall.....

We have hit it. We are tired. I know this point comes every year with homeschooling - usually it has come earlier - but it does come. We are tired of the curriculum, tired of working all day, and just plain tired! Rainy days don't help either (even though I love them!). So what do I do when we hit the wall? We stop. Matt completed Math, English, Spelling, and Reading. Sarah completed the same but Phonics and Vocabulary as well. We then ordered Pizza Hut - thanks to the Book It program - and went to Target to get some gifts for a birthday party we have this weekend. I have learned that there is no sense in pushing to get things done for the sake of checking them off the master list. They won't learn anything anyway. So for today we took a small break. Tomorrow will be another day to complete things and Friday is a half day. Next week is testing and we will only do history, civics, science, art, health, and music. These things, according to my kids, are the "fun" things. Please continue to pray that testing will go well and we will get accurate results.

Today, I also took off from the "big kids" to focus on the "little kid"! Daniel and I took out blocks and built towers to knock over with cars. He has this great belly laugh! We had fun! Daniel has a set of see through blocks that have a letter stamped on one side. Each item within the block correlates to the letter stamped on it. So in the 'B' block there is a 'bunch of bananas'. Of course, the teacher in me, had to go over what was inside the blocks. He thought this was so much fun and kept asking what was in each one. I am still amazed at his math ability. He can count to 12 and can tell me how many objects he has - like two blocks. Associating numbers with things is a big thing for a 2 year old! He definitely has a math mind - like his father! Though I recently heard that intelligence is inherited from the mother!?!?! Not likely in this case! I really have to work on focusing more time on my sweet baby. It really relaxed me!

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