Thursday, March 13, 2008

Early Christmas?

Going off the previous post - I believe Christmas may have come early for me this year! Why, do you ask? I believe I may get a good portion of the day off of homeschooling tomorrow! Andy has to run up to his parents to get some manure for a garden he and some other members of the staff are planning and he has offered to take the kids with him. Frank is going up with him and taking his boys so Andy thought it would be good for our kids to tag along and get some fresh air. I am tingling with anticipation - giddy beyond belief that I may actually get caught up on the laundry and clean several rooms before someone comes along and tears thing apart!!!! I may actually get the fingerprints off the glass doors! I may get to clean my kitchen windows that have been driving me absolutely CRAZY because they are so dirty! I really am a neat freak/ clean freak by nature - but three kids and a crazy schedule have caused me to reduce the number of hours I can put to such tasks. Matt and Sarah are only able to go if they get their school work done by the time they have to leave. Sarah stayed up until 9:00 pm and has everything but Math to complete. Matt has a little more - Math, spelling, and Literature. But if he puts his mind to it he can get it done. It all depends on what his frame of mind is like. If he is diligent in doing his work and not goofing around, I may allow him to finish his work on Saturday. Hopefully, he'll wake up in a good frame of mind and get right to work.

This afternoon proved to be interesting as I received a phone call that my sister had been rushed to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Thankfully, she is well and was released. The doctors believe that the episode could have been caused by either stress or a virus. The flu is going around something terrible at the school in which she teaches. It made Matt and Sarah nervous as they were concerned about their cousin Sam. I think it made Matt think as he asked if I had ever heard the saying "You never know what you got till it's gone" (he has heard it through a TobyMac song). I said yes and we had a good discussion about how we should appreciate the people and things in our lives each and every day.
"Does that mean school, too?" he asked.
"Yes, school too!" I said.
"I appreciate homeschooling as I know it may be gone someday." he said.
I think he is starting to see the struggle we are having in homeschooling. I know he likes being homeschooled - he just doesn't like the work. What he doesn't really understand is that he would still get work no matter where he did school. I know a Philly school would be easier - but he would be bored out of his mind!!! This week has been going better. He was behind up until yesterday, but he was diligent and caught up and now he may have the blessing of going on an unexpected trip! I hope he sees that when he is faithful in doing what he is called to do, he is blessed. Please continue to pray for his young faith and that he would continue to grow in his relationship with the Lord.

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