Saturday, March 8, 2008

Art Show

Sarah held an art show/ auction today! It was so much fun! She gave each of us a number to hold up and started all the pictures at a penny. Can you tell we have taken our children to auctions before?!?! We have decided that Daniel should NEVER be given a number as he keeps bidding higher and higher! He was even out bidding himself! He was a riot! The two pieces that are pictured here brought in the most - 20 cents a piece! All together she made 71 cents. She has some pieces left for tomorrow as Andy had to leave to get ready to speak tonight. Maybe she'll make more tomorrow!
Andy went to Bethany E.C. Church's Missions Banquet to speak about the ministry tonight. I decided to stay home as we are losing an hour tonight and it is already 10:15 pm and he isn't home yet. The kids do not handle lack of sleep well and Matthew is already behind in some of his school work from last week. I believe lack of sleep is a huge factor in our kids behavior. Anyway, Andy was showing a slide show with the music of Randy Stonehill's "Who Will Save the Children?" tonight. It is pretty powerful. I'll have to see if I am able to upload it to the blog somehow.

Please continue to pray for Matt and me and we work through life. I realize that part of this is growing up and letting go, but we are also dealing with authority issues and lack of motivation to finish tasks. We have decided to go back to basics with Matt and walk him through how we are to treat others and think less of ourselves and work with each other. Currently he is just not making wise choices and is letting his anger get the best of him. Please pray for me that I would keep my cool and really find out what the heart issue is so we can not just get surface behavior, but true heart behavior.

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