Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Easter Weekend!

Our weekend started off by heading up to Andy's parent's Friday afternoon. We made a few stops along the way and finally got up there about 6:00 pm. The kids had a great time getting their Easter gifts (Matt - Bionicle LEGO (VERY excited about this!), Sarah - a Littlest Pet Shop set, and Daniel - a toy truck that he LOVES) and creating gimp lanyards with the new EZ Gimptool they purchased at A.C. Moore on the way up. They also got a gimp kit from PopPop and Grammy that they can't wait to use. After finally settling them into bed (right PopPop!?!?!) Lois and I ran to their SuperCenter WalMart which I LOVE. I so wish they had one here in Philly. I had to get supplies for the Easter Egg hunt that Andy puts on for the kids each year!

The next morning the kids woke up and we had the Easter egg hunt. Daniel was a riot. He's not very good at looking for things by direction - he looks everywhere except for where you are pointing! But he had fun. Matt and Sarah also had a blast trying to find the harder placed eggs. After the egg hunt Matt, Sarah and I headed off to the Smith's. My friend, Donna, had a birthday party for her daughter. We had not seen them in months - far too long! Matt had a great time playing with Zachary and Ian and Sarah had a good time with Courtney and Emma. I had fun talking with Donna. It's funny how we don't see each other for so long and can pick up right where we left off! She is an amazing mom and friend! I hope to see her a lot this summer.Sunday was Easter and the kids awoke to their baskets at the breakfast table. Almost all the candy was from CVS - so I didn't pay anything for that! They were happy with what they got. Then they dressed in their Easter finery - thanks to MomMom! and looked VERY smart indeed! See for yourself!After church - which was crowded with visitors - we went to my mom's for the day. The kids had fun visiting with their cousin Sam. Daniel entertained everyone with his guitar playing show! He loves to entertain!

Monday came fast and now we are in the middle of testing. Two days down, two more to go! They are doing pretty well. Please continue to pray that they would stay focused and do their best.

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