Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great Day

Friday was a great day! Andy and the kids left with the Hinson boys around 10:00 am - and didn't return home until almost 8:00 pm!!! You would think I would have gotten everything on my list completed - but do you know how long it takes to wash and fold and put away 10 (yes, that is TEN!) loads of laundry? I also cleaned my bedroom and went through several containers in which things that have no official home (or no time to put in their official home) have gathered and it was time to find homes or give them away. I also spent an hour outside in the front yard cleaning the trash that has gathered in our little fenced in area all winter. It looks so good right now! I love it when it is clean. I can't wait to plant my flowers - only about two more months until I can!!!!Andy and the kids had a blast with the Hinson's at Grammy and PopPops. They also loved visiting the farm where they retrieved the seasoned soil. Daniel is in love with cows! He was so excited! Andy said Daniel and Kyler really got along well and seemed to enjoy each others company. Here is a picture that Matt caught of them "talking". Isn't it cute!!! I pray that they will grow up to be fast friends.

Matt had a good time with Paxton. As Paxton gets older Matt enjoys him more. Before Matt didn't really know what to do with a "little" kid, but Paxton will be six next month and has really grown a lot in the last year. They had a fun time wrestling on the mats.

I'll let the rest of the pictures tell the rest of the story. It was a good day for all!Kyler thought it would be fun to go swimming!

You can't see the water, but Daniel thought it was fun to pick up the sandy dirt and let it fall from his hand into the water. Kyler enjoyed throwing rocks and seeing the water splash. It was a beautiful day! I so can't wait until spring!

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