Monday, June 29, 2009


living and working here in Philadelphia just stinks. I see so many different things that bother me and I know break the heart of God our Father. Last night I witnessed a fear and sadness in a young girls eyes that broke my heart. A young girl that attends our Prayer Pals program came after missing a few weeks. "L" is only about 7 or 8 years old but her life has been wrought by pain and suffering no little one should experience. Last night she told us with a quivering lip that she, her mother and younger brother were living in a homeless shelter. I have heard stories of what the homeless shelters around here are like - not a pleasant experience. "L" also has an older sister "T" that has been a part of our Kids Club and Preteen program for years. She is currently living with an aunt that has a number of children and leaves in the care of "T". "L" is very concerned with her sisters situation and was almost in tears describing what "T" is going through. Please pray for "L" and her family. She is carrying a weight that only God himself can lift from her shoulders. They do have a house waiting for them but it needs a lot of work before they are able to move in. Please pray that the renovations for this house get done quickly so that "L" and her family can move OUT of the shelter and into a safe place of their own. Pray for God to comfort this young girl and to use this experience for good and that it would strengthen "L" and her family in their relationship with God.

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