Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where am I?

Well, life is slowly swinging back to "normal". Ministry started up again on Monday with God Squad and Family Night followed on Tuesday and Teen Club tonight. It looks like we are going to be very well staffed for the summer - thank you God! The winter months were a bit bleak in the volunteer department, but thanks to the folks at Crossroads Community Church and Fellowship Bible Church, we are going to have a banner summer! I am so thankful as the summer months can be crucial to keeping the kids out of trouble. So many are left to fend for themselves and do whatever they please. If we can just provide for them opportunities to be busy and learn about God and His love for them - it will be a much safer summer. It kills me to see so many kids Matt and Sarah's ages (almost 12 and 10) out on their own and being responsible for their younger siblings! It's just crazy. We are expecting a full summer and have several groups coming to do VBS's and other activities. Please pray for the lives of the young people here. Summer can be the most dangerous time for them.

One of the activities that will be going on this summer is Reading Rocks. I have a meeting today to discuss the details of things and plan. Please pray for this activity. It is a great program and really helps the kids both educationally and physically. Please pray for Carisa, Trish, Laurie and I as we hammer out who is doing what and figure out how to best minister to these kids.

I am starting to put the kids rooms back together. I am so tired of living out of XXL Ziploc bags! I have just decided enough is enough. It has been eight months since we began this journey and I am SO DONE! It's time to put cloths back in the rooms, beds where they belong (they are currently in the middle of the rooms!), and try to get back to life before bed bugs. If we encounter more we will deal with them, but I really need to just put things back. I am tired of living in a state of chaos! I think it will make us all feel better!

I will have to post pictures later, but our living room finally has WALLS and a CEILING! It is the most incredible feeling in the world! I didn't think it would really ever happen - I just thought we would live in a dark cave of nothingness until we either died or were called to heaven. We are hoping to have the entire downstairs finished by the end of August. That will require a lot of night work from Andy so we'll see if it happens. I think he is burnt out with the whole house project. I am praying that it will get done. Pray for Andy has he has an extremely full plate this summer. He loves working with the teens and has many activities planned to help them grow in their relationship with God and one another. Please pray for a safe and healthy summer.

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